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Jury Sinithin Nizniy Novgorod, Russian Federation

Text Editors by Mezomish 80 comments

I can't find any project file. It's more simply to build the project and try for the sample this editor with newest versions of Qt...

Or there is no files like .pro for Qt Creator IDE??? - Sep 16 2010

Graphic Apps by laumaya 5 comments

Hi again. I have working on OpenGL modeling program four years. And I think that we can together create anything like 3Dmax. Only one problem. I am from Russia and make my code with my language. Also I make this like parametrick 3D graphic engine. And use the SQL Base for my parametrization. My application now is used with Kitchen drawing and Window drawing.

Your code very ident like OCC. But It's only first step in your program, because you must used the Undo/Redo operation, any classes of document and more after... And you lost time, more that you can think.

I think that we may reMake OCC classes with QT library and after this make the aplication that we like.

But anywear you make a GREAT WORK.
P.S. Sorry for my Bad English. - Feb 01 2010

Graphic Apps by laumaya 5 comments

Your work Is great !!! You're awesome.

But there any problem with your sample:
CreatePointDialog.h is null length file.

And how you make this GLWidget and GLContext ? It's was maked from OpenCascade source code ?

It's very cool application and It's WORK ! - Jan 31 2010