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jeremy voorhis
KDE 3 Color Schemes
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KDE 3.x Window Decorations 63 comments

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Aug 17 2002
after rereading the posts, i don't think this was named MK Ultra after the band .. =) anyhow, after releasing their album The Dream is Over, MK Ultra have been described as The American Radiohead. I think they might deserve it. - Jan 18 2003
hi i just wanted to say i resurrected my account on this site just to remind everyone that john vanderslice is the shiznat. i wonder if i am the only one who got the title... - Jan 18 2003
the future of X

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Jul 01 2002
the evas solution does sound very enticing. however, i'm not so sure Trolltech will care enough about us to implement anything.

this wouldn't require fork(QT), now, would it? - Jul 02 2002
this is just the sort of thing i hoped to instigate.

evas seems to promise a lot, but it still won't prevent an app from having to play 'catch-up' with its window decoration. X is heavy.

a framebuffer would be an excellent solution if it were reasonable to port to it. another solution to the framebuffer problem would be to port the framebuffer to KDE by partially implementing the X API for the KDE processes. that would be a nice compromise. and people could still use X apps much like OS X users do.

only problem: some framebuffers do not offer good hardware acceleration

jvoorhis - Jul 02 2002
i liked you in Fight Club - Jul 01 2002
i just read your reply after doing a google search and read a useful paper about keith packard. i haven't gotten to browsing source yet; everything i could find was very abstract, but from what i can make of it, it does seem very non-trivial, though somewhat simple in concept.

i don't think we should waste any more time _duplicating_ OS X, but XFree86 is still missing a lot of eye-candy. also, if there were a solid API for translucency, programs like the gimp could benefit dramatically by moving image compositing out of the program and into the windowing system.

in time, X will improve or die. - Jul 01 2002
my insufficient research has humbled me. i thought Xrender was for other purposes than what i suggested.

since one developer could not possibly be expected to deliver so much, i'm sure he would welcome some company. source code can always be cleaned up, and todo lists (hopefully) shrink in time.

i will write off your pessimism for now

jvoorhis - Jul 01 2002
green tribe

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 14 comments

by mart
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Sep 14 2002
it would take a little more resources, but animated backgrounds in ksplash would r0x0r.

perhaps a sequence of .pngs or an .mng or animated .gif

jvoorhis - Jul 01 2002

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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May 06 2002
not only OT, but shameless self-promotion as well.

windoze sux linux r0x! :-p - May 06 2002
keramik accessories

KDE 3 Color Schemes 4 comments

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May 06 2002
that's actually a winamp skin. it's called Freefall, and it's found under the "stylish" category of

winamp skins work for xmms the same as xmms skins. the only difference is that you may have to renmae the .wsz file extension to .zip, depending on your version of xmms - May 06 2002
i fixed it. this was my first upload. - May 06 2002
err, i meant to upload this as a color scheme.

i'm retarded. - May 06 2002
Aki Ross

Wallpaper Other 25 comments

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Apr 14 2002
you're sounding awfully pretentious. this isn't quite a great work of art, like a michaelangelo. this is a showcase of a woman's naked body. try posting it on - May 06 2002