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Full Icon Themes by john007 69 comments

Oh! Sorry about the message, I am using Archlinux' package which provided the necessary for the dark variants and I thought it was the original source which provided it.

The recent update of the package didn't have the dark settings right and dark variants didn't appear, I never thought it could be due to the package itself.

Anyway, it was updated and is fixed :). Thank you very much for the reply and for everything you did for this package, it's greatly appreciated. - Jun 22 2011

Full Icon Themes by john007 69 comments

There won't be a dark variant anymore? - Jun 20 2011

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 600 comments

Hello, first of all congratulations for such a good theme!

From Dropbox 0.8.95 on it allows the use of personalized tray icons located in the icons directory.

I'm using Faenza Dark now, but the Dropbox icons are not the ones that should be. After looking at it for some time I realized that Dropbox is loading the 16x16 icons instead of 22x22 for example. In the Dark version these icons (16x16) are symlinked to the ones in Faenza, so the icons are black instead of white/silver and doesn't look good in a dark panel.

Could you do 16x16 Dropbox icons for the Faenza Dark icons set? Converting the 22x22 ones to 16x6 may be enough.

Thank you very much for everything. - Aug 28 2010

GDM Themes by cimoc 36 comments

Yes it is! Thank you very much and congratulations once more for such good login! - Mar 06 2009

GDM Themes by cimoc 36 comments

What a nice GDM theme!

It's perfect! I'll use it in every machine I have! Congratulations for such great job!

P.S.: I'm using the 1680 one. Could you include some more with the shutdown symbol in other colours? For example #6291C3 or #97BD4B. It'd be much apreciated.

2nd P.S.: What about making an H-Login version? Maybe using the 'L' for the text area. - Feb 28 2009

GDM Themes
by cimoc

Feb 28 2009