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Gabriel J. Michalski , Poland

Metacity Themes by dthp 5 comments

SCR ? - Feb 28 2011
"G6" for GNOME & Xfce4

GTK2 Themes by Karmel 5 comments

Yes, those scroll bars are not clear enough, and no matter which GTK theme is currently chosen. - Feb 22 2011
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes by ubo 197 comments

Great skills, great theme and great patience with transfer all of this from paper into digital.



- Feb 09 2011
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

I look at these past events in the whole historical aspect - not only from the individual slices of history.

And it scares me how easily something that is a testimony of past events, the symbolism of the past regime, policy or morbid desire to have power at any cost - how easy these small but significant pieces of the past events are often presented as the power of something "cool", the "innocent", outside the context of real past events.

Perhaps, this is the result of that, what we see in Poland almost every day. Still.

I do not expect that a nation whose history has not experienced the events that have affected my and the other nations must respond in a similar way as it does many of my countrymen and brothers in the history, but we can not allow these stretches of absolute whitewash from the history - simply - for a price increase in the demand or lack of awareness in topic of historical events.

I can not afford to this by my lack of civil courage, by turning back only for my own peace of mind and the fear of "going out of line", the story of my country and fraternal countries, some dearly paid for value has become something as marginal as a stamp mark on the commercial product, setting its price as high as possible.


Gabe - Dec 09 2010
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

Don't worry, I'm not angry or resentful.




- Dec 08 2010
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

Quotation: "stop imprudent hate-posts".

- political correctness does not allow attention to that type of symbols turned into a popular, trendy, and commercially used "cool" symbols?

I drew attention to the symbolism used as something "cool". That was delicate attention.

So, which part of my post is "hate" based?

In my Poland, those symbols are included into Criminal Code:
- Article. 256 of the Criminal Code:

"...production, consolidation, acquisition, storage, transmission, and finally, possession and presentation of printed material, recordings or other items of media symbolism Fascist, Communist or other totalitarian regimes, in order to distribute them, is a crime risk up to two years in prison...".

Commemoration of the history - we must not forget.

Shortness and commercialization for that type of symbols - this is not the right way...

I hope to make myself clear.



- Dec 08 2010
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

For first - take a closer look at history of my Country, Poland.

Take a closer look - for example:
- pacification of Wujek (mine)
- martial law in Poland
- murdered Catholic priest - Jerzy Popiełuszko - who did that and why.

Also - take a closer look for other events of this period - many developments have taken place over several decades.

For second - I wrote my comments in the context of historical events that took place in my Country, not by events painted by some comedy films...

It was not a movie, it was for real. - Dec 08 2010
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

Sorry, but if you knew a bit more about those events, you would not talk about it that way.

Simple and devoid of hostility parafraze, but appropriate.

Political correctness is out of place here.

I remember how it look like, how my Country was pacified and internally destroyed. Never again!

This is logo, this is a breath of history, especially after all, what my Country went through from the communism and their bloody methods. People cry, when they see again that "logo" - "Sierp i młot" - "The hammer and sickle", they cry for their pacified families and pacified Country - pacified in new way - immediately after the World War 2.

History need to be remembered, but I say NO for thoughtlessness and promote such values like this comunism logo.

They are Countries, that communism internally emptied. One of them is my Country.

History of my Country is very clear for that.

I do not demand that those who do not have to deal with that are aware of how it all looked - like eyes inhabitant of the occupied country.

Greetings for all.

Gabe. - Dec 02 2010
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GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet 14 comments

So, what you say? The official communist symbols are now... what? "Cool"? Just like those "cute", red T-shirts with "Che"?

Do you have any idea what true history is behind of these symbols?

I don't think so... - Dec 02 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 17 comments

Thanks for your work! - Nov 17 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 17 comments

I just found a new default theme for my machines. Yeah! - Nov 17 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 7 comments

Great OS and very good theme.
Big plus. - Aug 13 2010
Auto Shutdown

Various Gnome Stuff by P8S9K 1 comment

Hmm, it's reminds me "the one way" -> installer & de-installer... (maybe ".deb" do this better?)
And a really short wave weight... 1,2MB.
Why don't use Ogg Vorbis? That will reduce weight to ~ 30KB. You have "Ubuntu" on requirements.

Scripting practice - OK, but the simple way is -> from "sudo" (Ubuntu):

shutdown -h number_of_minutes time

number_of_minutes -> put the number of minutes here, system will shutdown after that number of minutes.

For example:

shutdown -h 120 time

will shutdown computer after 120 minutes. You can set it from "1" minute.

For countdown aborting, set (again by "sudo"):

shutdown -c

Anyway, information about the time remaining to computer shutdown will be displayed on the terminal. - Jun 28 2010

Wallpaper Other by gutheory 2 comments

Nice, but this is update of... what?
SHA1 sum are identical... - Jun 20 2010

GTK2 Themes by nale12 90 comments

Nice theme, a little bit into KDE4 appearance.

Metacity will be a bit better to look after a minor change - now, the "maximize-focused" & "minimize-focused" buttons looks exactly the same.
A little of green into "maximize-focused" button? - May 22 2010

Ice-WM Themes by untouchable89 4 comments

GTK2, Balou & mouse cursor themes included to "BEOS-inspired-theme " are inspired by the simple, intuitive and clean apperance of BeOS GUI.

Even, if our WM's are look-like R5, they are created from scratch and according to R5 - they are different in apperance.
They are more complicated 8)

"BEOS-inspired-theme " is not a copy of BeOS theme.
Each of the images used there was a hand-created from scratch, and they are not using any of oryginal BeOS images.
None of the lines of code used in configuration files of these themes does not come from the BeOS operating system. They are not using any of BeOS code.

Haiku operating system (since it's foundation) is created with the assumption of binary compatibility with oryginal BeOS system - also with compability of BeOS R5 native file system (BFS), so here we can say that "Haiku is based on BeOS". Can we say that? I think, we can. Native programs (bearing in mind the GCC compatibility) designed for BeOS can run on Haiku without problems, little faster maybe...

Those themes presented above are not copies of BeOS GUI or copies of BeOS code, so they are not based on it (ZETA is based on BeOS).
They are only inspired by (great not only for me) BeOS GUI, and they are clearly different than few WM's available for Linux GUI for years (for example - Xfce4' B5)

If someone create new theme with wood elements inside (wood pictures in background), then can we say: "That theme is wood based"?
No, it's only inspired by clean, worm & natural wood apperance. That's all.

:-) - Mar 23 2010
Amiga Bluetabs

GTK2 Themes by fewt 2 comments

Hi, the closest equivalent of Amiga icon theme is probably theme called the "Kens Icons" from here:
- Jan 31 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 4 comments

Time machine ?

8) - Jan 02 2010

Cursors by Karmel 2 comments

Just simple & clean cursor theme.
8) - Dec 12 2009

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 8 comments

Nice :)

I like the light effect on metacity theme. - Dec 07 2009

OpenOffice Splash Screens by Karmel 1 comment

Some upload problems with "tar.gz" file...
It has weighed about 20kB.
The "tar" file weighs obout 370kB & now it's seems everything is OK... - Dec 03 2009
Ubo Icons Theme

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Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
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