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Plasma 5 Applets 15 comments

by kdea
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Sep 04 2017
Thank you.

For now I prefer to keep it not intrusive, and to avoid disturbing the user with sounds. I think that the icon is suficient to inform the user. - Mar 20 2016
Well, I like magical (but simple) solutions :-).

I'm still learning plasmoid programming, and I don't know all of the details of creating them. For example I still don't know how to convert a plasmoid into a systray icon. I don't know if it is easy or difficult. I bet it is difficult, since in general a plasmoid can't fit into the size of an icon. For example, the countdown probably won't fit into an icon (and in fact the countdown isn't an icon, it is text). So it would require a size change and a conversion into icon, that sounds as hard work. Anyway I will study the possibility, and will take your suggestion in count for future versions. In the mean time, I think that the "hide&show" mode is a good replacement.

Related to your thoughts, @Hookahey made some similar suggestions in other comments, and my conclusion (and probably hers too) was that the panel should have a systray for plasmoids. In this way, plasmoids could be hidden in the systray with their original size, without the need of converting them into icons. I think that my "magical" solution simulates a "plasmoid systray", allowing the user to hide and show a plasmoid in its original size, and showing it automatically when there is important information for the user.

Yes, it is possible to reset the countdown, just click on the widget. See the description in the page:


  • What if you took a short break, but you want to restart the countdown? No problem, you only have to click on the widget whenever you want to restart the countdown.

  • - Nov 03 2015
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Try the "hide&show" mode. See the description in the page:


    Want to save space in the panel? Use the "hide&show" mode:

  • To enable the "hide&show" mode, just control+click on the widget (click on the widget while pressing the "control" key).

  • Least important information (the countdown) will be hidden, and most important information (the tired face icon) will be shown.

  • If you want to see the countdown, just pass the mouse slowly over the widget zone, and the countdown will be shown for five seconds.

  • To disable the "hide&show" mode, just control+click on the widget again.

  • If you don't want the countdown to be shown when passing the mouse over the widget zone, then enable the "hide&show" mode by using "control+shift+click" instead of "control+click".

  • Have fun :-) - Nov 02 2015
    Hi, I have published a new version (1.1) that supports desktop. Also includes a new "hide&show" mode to save space in the panel (see description in the page).

    Have fun :-) - Nov 01 2015
    Thank you again for your congrats & suggestions.

    Well, this is my third plasmoid (I also made "Day of month" and "Day of week"), and I still don't know all the details of developing plasmoids, so perhaps you are rigth and it's only a matter of changing some lines in the code to make it work on the desktop. I will take a look on it this weekend. If it is easy, I will publish a new version with support for both panel and desktop.

    The support for system tray is another detail that I still don't know. I guess it will be a bit more difficult, and is probably out of the scope of the widget, since it will imply more config options, and probably more complexity for the program.

    Anyway your idea takes me to an idea for the panel developers: Same as system tray icons can be hidden (the user can choose the items to be hidden and when they are shown), plasmoids in the panel could also be hidden. The panel could have an option to choose which plasmoids are shown and which ones are hidden, and when the hidden ones are shown. This would be an idea to be sent to the panel developers, and wouldn't imply any changes on the plasmoids, only in the panel.

    Your idea has created another idea :-) - Oct 20 2015
    Thank you for your congrats & suggestions.

    I already knew RSIbreak, in fact I was using it some years ago, it was very good, but a bit complex and overloaded for my taste. I was looking for something more simple and easy to use, and integrated with kde... and I decided to do it, and to contribute it to the community.

    Yes, the widget is designed to work only in panels, not in the desktop. This is due to two main reasons. First because I only use widgets in panels (I usually have windows maximized, and I like them to cover all of the available space, so a desktop widget would be hidden under the windows). And the other reason is simplicity: By working only in panels, the program is more simple and easy to maintain. Anyway, if there is a big demand for it to work in the desktop, I could study it. For now I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

    Nice to see that it is useful for you :-) - Oct 19 2015
    Day of week

    Plasma 5 Calendars 7 comments

    by kdea
    Score 60.0%
    Sep 27 2015
    Great! :-) - Oct 01 2015
    Probably the vertical panel is not the reason. In fact, in the second screenshot I posted in my first response, the big panel is a top panel (and the first screenshot is a bottom panel). So no problem with top panels.

    Hmm... Did you update the "Day of month" widget? On Sunday I published a new version (1.1) that uses the same layout as "Day of week". In fact, the first version (1.0) used a different layout, with different alignment. So perhaps you are using "Day of month" 1.0 and "Day of week" 1.1, with different alignment.

    Or perhaps you updated "Day of month", but it wasn't really updated. I have noted that sometimes the update process could take the old version from cache. To make a safe update, I recommend to follow these steps:

    1. Remove the widget from the panel
    2. Uninstall the widget
    3. Reboot the computer
    4. Install the widget (new version)
    5. Add the widget to the panel

    Try that, and good luck :-) - Sep 29 2015
    Hmm, that is strange. I tested the widgets in little and big panels, and they were aligned correctly.

    I've just tested again, and they look fine:

    Are you using some special version of the panel? Or perhaps some special config of the panel? - Sep 28 2015
    Day of month

    Plasma 5 Calendars 3 comments

    by kdea
    Score 62.5%
    Sep 27 2015
    Thank you for your suggestions.

    To keep it simple and to avoid the mess of adding config, I have created a new widget "Day of week", that shows the abreviated name of the week, as you proposed. You can download it at

    In adition, I have improved the centering of both widgets ("Day of month" and "Day of week"), so they are now correctly shown in big panels, and also in vertical panels.

    Perhaps in the future I will join both widgets, but for now I think that simplicity is beautiful (and easy to maintain).

    Have fun :-) - Sep 27 2015