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Keith Zubot-Gephart Edmonton, Canada
Pearls before Swine

Plasma Comic Sources by Boccaccio 1 comment

Thanks, all the other ones seem to have stopped working. - Jul 02 2011
Pearls Before Swine

Plasma Comic Sources by s2r2 7 comments

It seems to be broken (again?); it's stuck on the one from awhile ago with Larry in the zoo (the second in that series, kid says "hey, it's dad with a snout"). Hitting back does go to the previous strip (the first in the plotline), but back again and it loops around to the second one. Hitting "jump to first strip" jumps to the true first strip, but "jump to current strip" just goes back to Larry-in-the-Zoo Strip 2. It's been stuck like this, at least for me, since that strip was in fact new. - Nov 18 2009