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Gregor Karzelek Darmstadt, Germany

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You're helping, not bothering.

i tried it again here and it worked without any problems. - Sep 13 2006

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Beta1 or Beta1.1? - Sep 13 2006

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Interesting error ...
seems like i did something wrong branching the Beta1 from the trunk. Because the error reads like you got old version of some files and new version of others.
The thing that really bothers me is, I took the Beta1-branch and tested it and it seemed to work.
But thanks, i'll take a look at that. - Sep 13 2006

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Ok, ok,
delete the 1.)
It seemed my Mac has eaten the file I searched for.

If you want to be able to start Komment directly by shell (in which path you ever are) or from KDE/GNOME you'll need to edit the file "Komment" in the base-dir of the Beta1-Package.

There you have to add one line that indicates where Komment is actually installed to.
Looks like that for most KDE-Installations:
launch("/opt/kde3/share/apps/komment/src") - Sep 13 2006

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Shit, I see actually i forgot one thing to include into the package

Yeah, that "installer" is such a thing. The autogenerated make-files from KDevelop didn't wanted to work for me so i took that one.
You can't run it as non-root (but I have planned to work on it, maybe making him even graphically).

Since it is ruby you could just go into the komment/src-directory and run ruby main.rb from shell.
The only thing you need somehow to "install" is the following:
The two files style.rss and kommentui.rc have to be in either $KDEDIR/share/apps/komment/ or ~/.kde/share/apps/komment/.

If you would want to run it from the KDE-Menu you would need that one file i forgot to include.
Shame on me. - Sep 13 2006