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Kenny Rasschaert

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The source link is indeed dead and dependency issues arise.

I'm on Fedora 20 and got this to work. I downloaded the .deb file and extracted the usr/ folder from it. With that, I repackaged it into an rpm with fpm (

However, when starting the MagIcons executable I got the "One or more dependencies are missing!" error.

It turns out that the Image library used in this Python program, PIL, has been forked under a new name: Pillow. The import statement required to use is slightly different.

This article helped me fix the source files:

I motified /usr/share/magicons/MagIcons so that "import Image" is now "from PIL import Image", I also had to modify, and, found in /usr/share/magicons/src/. The Image import statement there is now "from PIL import Image, ImageOps, ImageChops, ImageEnhance".

With these modifications I got MagIcons to work on my system. Hope this helps someone.
- Oct 17 2014