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Ken Vermette Gananoque, Canada
Bread Cursors

Cursors 9 comments

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Sep 09 2017
You... You do realize that I'm the one who actually created the progenitor of the cursors you're probably thinking of, right? Capitaine, Bibata, OpenZone, Breeze (and spinoffs), Hacked (and spinoffs), and many others are forks off my work, not the other way around. - Oct 09 2019
Aether Dark

Plasma Themes 52 comments

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Jul 10 2018
It's on the roadmap, but I'm aiming to get the general theme and icons sorted and usuable first. :D - Aug 02 2018
You should be seeing something like this... - Jul 13 2018
That's odd, it doesn't seem like you're getting *any* of the task backgrounds. Question; if you change the theme, log out, and log in again does the problem persist? Also, what Plasma version are you on? Thank you and sorry for the issues. :/ - Jul 13 2018
Yup, those are on the hit-list for icons, they'll be in the next update I'll be posting early next week. :D - Jul 13 2018
Ahhhoh, that's what's going on there. I see you're also using Aether icons, so I think the next update you'll need is to the icon set. I've got some work in the pipes, but it may take a short while for me to have something for you. I'll ping you when I have it done, and I'll also install Kmail to test it out properly before I celebrate. - Jul 13 2018
Updated! I don't use Kmail myself; if you don't mind can you confirm if there's a nice new kmail icon in the tray? - Jul 10 2018
Improved the icons only task manager distinctions. The toolbox is still funky, I'm working to fix it. Thank you for the feedback as well! - Jul 10 2018
Yeek, the toolbox is pretty bad. On it. Also looking at the icons only task manager. - Jul 10 2018
Understood; I've wrapped up the basic concepts behind the icons and am working on getting common system tray items finished up. I'll include mail icons in the next update, coming later today or tomorrow. - Jul 10 2018
I couldn't fix it the way I was hoping (I don't see a way to control the direction of the progress mask) so I've made the progress indication more of a glow than part of the highlight bar. Hope it works for you, if you have any more feedback please let me know! - Jul 08 2018
Yep, icons are on the list of additions for the theme! They will take a hair longer because I'm going to be doing a more thorough design exercise with the Aether icon theme and they will need to match. - Jul 08 2018
Hrmmm, I see the issue. On it. - Jul 06 2018
Thanks! The icon theme is Aether, I'm adding a link in the description to the icons. ;) - Jul 06 2018
Plasma 5.14 Cluster Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 5 comments

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Jul 24 2018
I just took the extra time to export em' and reduce the filesize, there's no visible difference between the JPG versions and the PNGs. :) - Jul 26 2018

Full Icon Themes 14 comments

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Oct 15 2017
Initially KDE-related icons will be targeted, but already I've been adding icons and shortcuts for non-KDE images as well, including several very common icons I specifically researched from Gnome-oriented sets.

I'd really like to see this theme be installable on just about anything. Plasma and KDE will be the main focus and #1 area to have extremely polished, but plenty of love will go to other environments. - Jun 11 2017
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Feb 06 2017
Thank you for linking, and also, sorry for uploading so soon after you put this here! I appreciate you taking the time to do it, as there have been many, many people looking for the default wallpapers. :) - Feb 06 2017