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by Kepsz
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May 17 2014
Well, lspci reads some "directly mapped to cpu" vram, that's why it is display 256MB. So it's correct, just not usefull to us.
But total vram can be questioned from other sources like xorg.

There may be a way for getting dynamic usage with c code, but it's not tested yet. - May 18 2014
I'm glay you are happy :)

Currently I'm thinking about the display of vram usage, but i can't find any means to do this. Catalyst can't supply this information by itself and withouth catalyst, it may be impossible to do.

If you have an idea about this... :) - May 18 2014
Thank you for the "aticonfig --pplib-cmd 'get fanspeed 0'" line, it made it quite easy for me to add the fanspeed monitor. Yep, adding ' chars to popen was a pain in the... process. Btw it's much simplier than what we thinkd. :)

It's possible to change clocks with aticonfig, but i think it's not up to this simple monitor widget. And OC can be dangerous for less experienced people. :)
But i will think about this possibility.

About the git repo, i'm not sure. I'm still just an updater of this code, not it's original writer. For now, i think it's good enough if you send me a link to, if you doing something with the code.
- May 17 2014
Thank you, that looks promiseing!

I hope i will have some free time before monday to implement this. - May 16 2014
Hy! Thx!

So far nothing from the authotor yet...

"I'd like to add a reading for the fan also, is this possible/difficult?"

If catalyst gives back that information in terminal, than it's possible to add. I will check this but not today. - May 16 2014
Well, yesterday Chakra got KDE 4.13 but the script works withouth any problems. So it must be some Kubuntu related issue. - May 02 2014
Well, i found no connection between this log and the code. It seems like you have to waite until i get kde 4.13, it's in testing area for Chakra. - Apr 19 2014
Something always broken in *buntu. :)

Btw i'm in Chakra and we currently have only KDE 4.12.4 so currently i can not debug the problem with 4.13.

But you can send me some useful info if starting the script with a plasma monitor. Like this way in terminal:
plasma-windowed pyCatalystmonitor

That's may be enough to solve your problem. - Apr 18 2014
Thank you for the post!

The first two lines sugest an Ubuntu reladted KDE bug (can also be found this on Ubuntu and Kubuntu mailing lists).

What's your KDE version? I'm using 4.11
If you are using an older KDE, try update it first. If it's not solve this, will go on finding the problem. - Dec 15 2013
Hmm, seems like my previous replay never posted. o.O

Please try loading the scirpt in terminal, and post the output. plasma-windowed pyCatalystMonitor

I'm using Chakra, and this script runs well. - Dec 14 2013