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K Hendrik , Germany
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Nov 09 2009
OK I found a fix to remove the icon without deleting the .gconf directory and losing your configuration.
To remove the icon enter "gedit ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/accessibility/keyboard/%gconf.xml" in your console and change the last entry value for enabled to false now logout and in again, its gone :) - Nov 13 2009
I've expiremented a bit and I have the icon too. I don't know why it appears.
I originaly found the command here:
in the comments there's another way mentioned, i don't know if that would work without making the icon appear but perhaps its worth a shot.

The Standard BG image for Xsplash can be found in /usr/share/images/xsplash. - Nov 13 2009
Hi, sorry I know no other way, I had the icon too but it vanished after a reboot. - Nov 12 2009

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Nov 08 2009
Configuration (theme) is uploaded - Nov 12 2009
Hi, I uploaded a new theme to make the GDM look more consistent with Malista please check it out: - Nov 09 2009
it's not as hard as it used to be, I'll upload my configuration tommorow. - Nov 09 2009
The dock is Cairo-Dock (GLX-Dock) it's in the standard ubuntu repos. (I use the cairo-dock weekly ppa because they fixed one annoying bug just last week [centering the icons]) - Nov 08 2009
Thank you, I used a modified version of minimalista for over a year and thought I should redo it and share.
I also use a modified Wallpaper, a GDM- and a Lock-Theme which I can't publish right now because I don't know how the images i used are licensed. I'll redo the themes and publish them at the end of september. - Aug 25 2009