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Samuel Carrazco Rockford, United States of America

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul 13 comments

10 the best - Jan 19 2020

Wallpaper Other by jokar 5 comments

What's the point on post art work of others, if it is not yours, there is no satisfaction on it.

If you got too many downloads or high rated there is not point because is not yours
is like if MacDonald's post a very nice ad of Wendy's on one of it's own lactations
MacDonald's get nothing but Wendy's - Aug 04 2010
liGnux white flower

Nature by zenren 2 comments

I always thought thet LiGNUx is a perfect name for a linux disto.

I mean both names are included linux and GNU - Jun 27 2010
Kant Aurorae

Aurorae Themes
by Scnd101

Score 64.5%
Mar 29 2010

by jboss1995

Score 76.7%
Mar 29 2010

GTK3 Themes
by elbullazul

Score 77.8%
10   Jan 19 2020
10 the best
Mars Alive

Wallpaper Other
by Dimmunize

Score 50.0%
9   Dec 31 2010
OxySeasons: OxyAutumn

Full Icon Themes
by janet

Score 77.8%
9   Nov 23 2010

Wallpaper Other
by SilentRunnerIAm

Score 55.0%
9   Oct 29 2010

Plasma Themes
by mcder

Score 82.8%
9   Sep 25 2010