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Karamba & Superkaramba by mogulen 9 comments

That's a great eye-candie you made there! Another old-style theme collection, this time from the 70's more or less (vintage solid state amplifiers anyone? :P ) while the "Tube" family and my own AnalogMachine are more 50s-60s stuff.
Thus, this one being "younger", has a "cleaner" and less stylized aspect over the dials. I'm definatelly suggesting this theme if you find AnalogMachine's a little hard to look (I myself think that eye-candy must be exactly that: teasing and mind-boggling).

A minor suggestion/request: perhaps most (all?) of the configuration can be obtained through kdialog pop-ups making life easier for the less script-savvy users. - Jul 19 2005
rkward icon

Icon Sub-Sets by mart 3 comments

that loopy thing is actually an important part of the original R logo :-) - Apr 28 2005
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

The clock theme is called TubeClock and also comes with a seconds variant - Apr 25 2005

Science by tfry 39 comments

Reporting compilation success with gentoo (system up to date, on profile 2005.0).
Ofcourse, I used the 2.1.0 R ebuild (edit your package.keywords to unmask it from ~x86).
At least for that version of R (I did not check the older versions), the econf function (that controls the ./configure script in the ebuild) contains the option for the shared library.
On another note, for rkward to do anything useful you will need php (since it generates output as html using php as an engine).

As even the author will tell you, rkward is far from a finished project so even if you do manage to compile it, it will be more of a "teaser" for what can eventually become the friendliest serious statistics package on unix machines. For the time being, for real production, you'll have to stick to the actual R console or try some other R-GUI. I managed to enable the JGR with some major hocus-pocus involving unmasking (hard mask) sun-jdk-1.5 and creating a startup script to control java-config so that this jvm is to be run only for JGR and NOT the rest of the system.
But apart from all other problems and troubles, I never really liked java apps. A kde-based app showing such potential as rkward does has all my wishes and prayers! ;-) - Apr 24 2005
Analogue Tube

Karamba & Superkaramba by striderstrahan 9 comments

I only noticed your great work today, almost by luck. I was browsing around while waiting the uploads of 3 analogMachine updates to finish up (my ISP is having troubles so, yes, it requires a few retries and some waiting).
I've considered your idea to chop-up the background into dynamically loaded widgets in the past, but I had NO IDEA how to do that. In fact, this has been a show-stopper for another AnologMachine module: a pager that dynamically changes number of buttons according to the available desktops.
I also accept the fact that living in Italy is no excuse for producing such shameless spaghetti-code like I do. But IANAP :-) So, unless you disagree, your code is off to the disecting table - so to speak.
Cheers! - Apr 19 2005
AnalogMachine Collection: TubeMail

Karamba & Superkaramba by rkaerner 9 comments

rkaener did an excellent job on this one. Although I haven't been able to help him in any significant way - and I feel compeled to apologise for this - he managed to create a functional and easthetically fully consonant addition to the Analog Machine family.

You have my public compliments!
Keep on! - Apr 14 2005
AnalogMachine Collection: Tube SWAP

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 2 comments

You got it!
It's over here:
If you have a huge capacity mail account (say, gmail) I could send you over the .xcf so you can play a bit to customize stuff.
12.8Mb is waaayyy to big to upload on kde-look. - Oct 25 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

if anyone still looks around these old posts... wish granted!!!
Look here:
Temperature monitoring for Analog Machine...
Hmm... could go for the fan thing too, but hey now I've got a little problem: I'm definately running out of desktop space! (just look at that screenshot) - Oct 24 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

There is nothing that pays opensource more than the users' satisfaction of wishlists. And yours has been satisfied - partly! :P - with AnalogMachine: NetVU. I just uploaded the latest of the AnalogMachine theme family. Now for the temperature and fan, it won't be that easy since I don't know where to dig in the system to obtain such information, if it's available without patching a kernel with lmsensors or even if my motherboard supports it...
Of course, if you can provide any tips you are welcome! :-)
Oh, the sound... that should be a kevent, right? Darkness rules here as well but I will see what I can do with that... - May 13 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

I was just discussing that with a friend yesterday night! Let me sleep on it ;-) - May 12 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

you should change the grep target to reflect the partition AS REFERED by df. I also use a 2.6 kernel and devfs but still df refers its output to the usual hda, hdb etc. since they are symlinked to the devfs hierarchy. Run df on a terminal, isolate the partition you are interested in and give grep in the script something unique to grab that line. - May 12 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 21 comments

Get it here:
Hope you like it! - May 11 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: TubeRAM

Karamba & Superkaramba by KiTaSuMbA 5 comments

All right ppl. Since you are already in 3 asking for it, I just uploaded my wallpaper:
Enjoy! - May 11 2004