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GNU Linux

Wallpaper Other by rubasu 9 comments

I believe it should be

(The) choice of a GNU generation

I'm not particularly fond of that slogan anyway. Could we get a version without it? - Feb 16 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 69 comments

Almost redundant, in light of the rating and the other comments, to say that this is an excellent icon theme.

I have noticed, however, that some of the newer icons lack contrast,

a) within the picture,
b) against a light background.

For example: The mail, CD, and trashcan icons. This is what the Gnome Panel with the trashcan applet looks like:

Rather difficult to make that out as a trashcan :O

More examples in 48x48: - Feb 16 2007
MurrinaFancyClearlooks Themepack

GTK2 Themes by Zerthis 41 comments

You can adjust the "roundness" parameter in the gtkrc file. Or use the Murrine Configurator program; download link above. - Feb 12 2007
gnome-games icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dcubed20 2 comments

These are excellent icons! And badly needed too, since the games icons are a bit of a sore spot in the Gnome menu at the moment. Unforunately I don't see a single one of these in my Gnome 2.16.1 install (Ubuntu Edgy).

What's stopping them from being included in gnome-games? The colour palette? - Feb 08 2007
Debian - differently thought n1

Wallpapers Debian by backslash451 8 comments

"Thinked"? ... the heck?

I almost don't dare to ask this, but do you perhaps mean "thought?" - Feb 08 2007
Clearlooks Improvements by Cimi

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 13 comments

Uhm, could you perhaps explain what exactly the improvements over stock Clearlooks are? Just looking at the screenshots, none jump into my eyes, and I use Clearlooks daily.

(Also, I never perceived any significant regressions in Clearlooks-Cairo anyway.) - Feb 02 2007