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Martin Klinkigt
Quick Usb Formatter

System Software by chakra-project 32 comments

I would love to see this in the main kde stream. Sometimes it is not more needed than this little tool. Keep up the good work.

Here I made a german translation:

Martin - Mar 08 2011
MDic Dictionary

Education Apps by mtux 26 comments


great to hear. I am also programming a bit a solved it, be passing the unprocessed string to the dict engines. Here I correctet the character checking and first run the dict engines. If there is no result, I make a lower case version and run the engines again:

Here is the changed code:
while ((word2find[0] != '@') && ((word2find[0] < 64) || (word2find[0] < 97 && word2find[0] > 90) || (word2find[0] > 122 && word2find[0] < 128))) { //for remove characters before word like ; . or ... except @ (we need @ for related words link in babylon databases)
if (word2find.size() == 1)
return result;
word2find.remove(0, 1);

while ((word2find[word2find.length()-1] < 64) || (word2find[word2find.length()-1] < 97 && word2find[word2find.length()-1] > 90) || (word2find[word2find.length()-1] > 122 && word2find[word2find.length()-1] < 128)) { //for remove characters after word like ; . or ...
if (word2find.size() == 1)
return result;
word2find.remove(word2find.length() - 1, 1);

... and ....

if (mainWord != mainWord.toLower()) {
// nothing found, now make the main word to lower
word2find = word2find.toLower();
mainWord = word2find;
} else

may be it helps.

Thanks for this great dict.
Martin - Feb 16 2010

System Software by mishaaq 116 comments


I like this version of touchpad management, because its there, where it should be and not an separeted application.

However, there are some things which would be nice to have:

* Enable/disbale touchpad via global shortcut
* fix german translation ;) (the cmake files are not correct)
* Also for me, disable while typing does not work

But since your are busy at time moment, I will wait for a while :)

Thanks anyway
Martin - Jan 17 2010
MDic Dictionary

Education Apps by mtux 26 comments


I really like this app. The integration into kde is perfect and it is fast.
But I have some problem with german to english dictionaries.

Some words must be searched with the first letter in uppercase, like "Markt"
There is so corresponding word in lowercase. This would not be a problem, if the system would return a result anyway, but this does not happen. The database file seams to be correct and contains "uppercase"-words.

Is here something wrong with the sql query?

I would support to bugfix this.

Martin - Jan 17 2010
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