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Philipp Schmidt
German Radio Streams Service

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Oct 12 2018
Just checked: IP's are assigned from a pool it seems, just now i got for Antenne...

Sadly there seems to be no domain behind these IP's, the redirect is probably for load banalcing purposes, but as Amarok can't follow that, you'll probably just have to work with the IP's.

krams - Jun 16 2009
Hi, to get Nacamar Streams working just open the mp3 web-player. Make sure you have a Plugin enabled that lets you hear the music.
Now right click and select "View Page Info". It will show you all active Elements. One of them will be the Stream, probably beginning with hxxp:// That you copy and open in VLC (Open network, then paste), then select "Tools" -> "Media Information". There it will list you the actual Info you'll need. For "Hit-Radio Antenne" for Example it is hxxp:// Just take the Part without the token, that'll work. - Jun 16 2009

by marcomaniac

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Jun 27 2009