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Marco Kraus Berlin, Germany
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by kraus
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Jul 22 2007
Have you installed libxine-dev ?
Is xine.h available ? - Sep 23 2006
No, analog TV isn't suported....I am even not sure if anyone still has analog television ;-) - Sep 23 2006
It should run with every DVB Hadrware supported by Linux. Also budget cards.
Because of this, it uses a bit more system resources, but it should run on everything with Pentium III and above (maybe even under this, I didn't try) with Kernel 2.6 or higher.
Which DVB Cards/USB Boxes are supported by Linux, see - Jan 26 2006
It just put a new 0.5.2 tarball online. This should fix the problem. - Oct 28 2005
Hav eyou run configure before ? Tried to run qmake manually before ? If both doesn't help, can you please email me the complete make output ? Thanks. - Oct 26 2005
It works...At least for me ;-)

But to be more serious: I started Klear because Kaffeine DVB never worked for me.

And about the differences:
The are many differences. More differences than commons. First of all, Klear has a completely other goal. We want to develop a clear DVB Desktop application, not a complete mediaplayer. That leads to another GUI concept. Beside the GUI stuff, we have
technically nothing common with kaffeine but one playbackengine (kaffeine can use xine, and klear can use xine....but also both projects are able to connect to other backends).

Because we are focused on a raw TV application, we think we can more satisfy the needs of the DVB users (usability and features). And last but not least, Kaffeine lacks of stability. Klear is not perfect but (at least for me) much more stable than kaffeine. - Oct 26 2005
Fine. We should really try to make the configuration more generic with the next version. - Jan 08 2005
We both use xine for playback and are a KDE/QT tool. But there are big differences between the projects (more details via email if you like). Btw: KaxTV doesn't work for me and no usable solution seems possible. Maybe that's one reason for it ;-) - Dec 03 2004
Did you try szap -r CHANNEL for tuning ? Only with the option -r the data are passed to thr device. - Nov 19 2004
Klear doesn't use xine DVB, because wee need to be more flexible. At the moment, you have to tune in a channel with t/s/c-zap in another console. When t/c/s-zap is running, a "cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0" should deliver data. After that, also mplayer and klear should run. But klear should do the tuning with the next version ;-) - Nov 19 2004
The missing slot is okay, should i fix with the next release. This should only bother the hotkeys. Startup and klear should be fine. On the screenshot i looks like klear hangs on startup ? Have you tuned a channel with c/s/t-zap before (internal tuning will be added with the next release). Can you play your DVB stream with mplayer or xine ? Greetings - Nov 19 2004
I added a new cvs snapshot to the download directory ( Please try this version. If you have further problems compiling klear, please email me. - Nov 18 2004
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KOrganizer Calendars 2 comments

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Dec 18 2006
....aber schöne wäre auch noch die 2.Liga gewesen. - Jul 14 2006
Kerry Beagle

Utilities 47 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2006
...but why is the build process such a pain ?
Unsermake is hardly available (it doen's have a website) and even after installing ist it fails (ImportError: No module named unsermake, guess my system still lacks of any obscure unsermake library).

Why not using scons/bksys or anything that's approximately usable ?

But except that, I love that app. Great work. Thanks. - May 22 2006

System Software 8 comments

by kraus
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Apr 06 2006
Is the ibm-acpi module loaded ? is /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal existing ? - Apr 09 2006
Have you configured it with --prefix=/usr or set you lib directory to /usr/local/kde ? If not, KDE will not find the library in its path. - Apr 07 2006

Video Converters 67 comments

by kraus
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Jun 24 2005
We switched to qmake with this release, so I'll fix that for the next one. Thanks. - Jun 24 2005
Is your xine.h installed ? Our current configure doesn't check for this (next release will). - Dec 17 2004
You can change the version information at the top of the *.ui files manually. We shouldn't use special QT 3.3 functions. - Nov 28 2004
We are just doing a complete rewrite and redesign (first alpha release is out). So we hope that some of the next versions will support grabbing from dvd and v4l(2).
Maybe not the next release, but in near future ;-) - Aug 30 2004
(Quoting from )

--- cut ---
Solution (thanks to KDevelop forum) its an Nvidia cockup:
nvidia comments on this:

This is a problem with the generated by the nvidia-installer. Please edit /usr/lib/, and replace the line:

# Generated by nvidia-installer: 1.0.5


# Generated by nvidia-installer: 1.0.5 (for use by libtool)
--- cut --- - Mar 29 2004
This is a problem with your system. I guess you use a nvidia card, am i right ? I read a solution for mandrake, but because the error is caused by the nvidia-installer, i guess this should also help you with fedora:

(Quoting from )

--- cut ---
Solution (thanks to KDevelop forum) its an Nvidia cockup:
nvidia comments on this:

This is a problem with the generated by the nvidia-installer. Please edit /usr/lib/, and replace the line:

# Generated by nvidia-installer: 1.0.5


# Generated by nvidia-installer: 1.0.5 (for use by libtool)
--- cut --- - Mar 27 2004
My development system uses a mplayer cvs version. And also most distributions ship mplayer >= 1.0. I don't know which version introduced the video filter, but maybe you should update your mplayer. - Mar 27 2004
lol, thanks. I am no digital artist. no chance for me to do this better ;-)
If someone can do this better, please send me an email ;-) - Mar 24 2004
With version 0.5 konverter is directly available at gentoo. Please try their ebuilds. This should work. - Mar 19 2004
Oh, thanks for that hint, I put it to the video section now ;-)

Konverter had been initialy released on christmas, so not much features are done right now. But after my exams in february i'll do some major improvements. - Jan 05 2004