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ed digit Liege, Belgium

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

I'll look into that, thanks for your reply :)
And keep up the good work with Yakuake it is really a killer app ! - Oct 26 2008

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

Is there a way to make yakuake start automatically in split screen mode to get a tiling WM feeling ?
I'm thinking of a .yakuakerc file or something...
Or would that happen in the konsolerc ? - Oct 23 2008
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Hi, just wanted to say Tasty Menu is great !
Really like the way it lets you see all your apps with a quick glance. Far better than KDE default menu and (above all) kbfx !
I really hope you'll find time to port it to KDE4, otherwise it would be such a great loss :(

Thanks and keep it up ;)
ed - Apr 05 2008