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Dec 09 2012
Which provider? - Jul 14 2010

I'm not familiar with making RPM's. Currently I'm testing the OpenSuse Build Service. But I think it will take a long time until I'm able using it.

Ulrich Weigelt - Jul 14 2010
What is the problem? - Jul 07 2010

You have to install the Devel-Package of kdepim. In this are the header files which the compiler need to work.

Of course I plan a KShowmail 4.0 for KDE4. But I have just few time and KDevelop4 (my favorite development tools) is not ready for work yet. Please be patient.

Ulrich Weigelt - Feb 18 2009
If the package is not broken, you will find the account setup in the application settings dialog. Please tell me, if the package is faulty - Jul 18 2008
If the package is not broken, you will find it in the application configuration dialog. Please tell me, if the package is not usable. - Jul 17 2008
I guess one need a domain at active24 to use its mail service.
Are you familiar with Wireshark? Can you send me a communication recording between your kshowmail and active24? Maybe I can see something. (Please remove your login data)

Please answer to my mail address. You find it in the help dialog of kshowmail.

Uli - May 14 2008
Which provider do you use?

Uli - May 13 2008
>SASL(-7): invalid parameter supplied:
>Parameter error in client.c near line 440
>authentication not supported.
Try it with SSL (Port 995). You find it in the server setup dialog on the security tab. Please tell me the result.

>the only thing I miss is the option to
>bounce back the mail, as if it came
>from postmaster (mail undeliverable).

There are two reasons not implement it:
First, this is a feature of the SMTP protocol between the sending mail client and the server. To send such a message after kshowmail has get the spam would be a bad fake.
Second, I use the pop3 kioslave of KDE to query the mails. This library doesn't support to send mails. I would have to write the network code on my own.

For the compile problem I have no explication.


- May 12 2008
Good Idea. I will implement it. - Apr 29 2008
Sorry, I'm not familiar with Kubuntu.

Here are some links which could help you:

Of course you can use the tarball to install it from the sources at last.
- Sep 09 2007
I don't know. But Goggle says on this website gmail also provides POP3 access. If this is according to the standard, it should works. - Jul 21 2007
I'm already working on ssl support. This and a revised filter are my main topics for version 3.3. I hope we can release it in October or November.
Maybe we release a unstable version with ssl earlier. Please look at Sourceforge on occasion.
- Jul 19 2007
I have moved the settings of the accounts to the configuration file provided by KDE.
Sorry, I forgot to announce this. - Jul 09 2007