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kudos kudos

Wallpaper Other by wuf 2 comments

great one! i really like to see some penguins on my desktop! nice idea to put them all together! - Sep 28 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by loker 8 comments

very nice icons! - Sep 28 2005
Annelund (Degerfors, Sweden)

Wallpaper Other by mikkoloo 6 comments

great wallpaper but my screen resolution is at least 1600x1050 :( anyway if i had a 1024x768 i'd chose this one with no questions! thanks for publishing it! - Sep 27 2005
Lake 1

Nature by crossblade 3 comments

nice photo, my default wallpaper now. i like relaxing ones :) - Sep 27 2005
Vallcebre (Catalunya)

Wallpaper Other by foolosofo 2 comments

I love this picture and this place, thanks for publishing it! - Sep 27 2005
Arizona dream

Wallpaper Other by maxpuckett 3 comments

One of the best wallpapers I've ever seen! And also one of the most beautiful places too! Great picture, thanks for sharing it! - Sep 20 2005

Tactics & Strategy by halux 11 comments

I just made a new logo and a wallpaper for your project. I sent you all the details by email.

Here's a link for everyone who want to download them: - Sep 05 2005
Fedoras brothers

Wallpaper Other by dantis 1 comment

What a funny wallpaper!
Looks great! - Sep 04 2005
Norway 2

Wallpaper Other by mitrix32 4 comments

What a beautiful country!
Great picture! - Sep 04 2005
Look out!

Wallpaper Other by rod 2 comments

Another cool wallpaper with curry!
Great idea and nice colors!

Merci beaucoup! - Aug 31 2005
Dangerous to lean out

Wallpaper Other by rod 11 comments

So cool that you're using my penguin curry!
i thought it was lost :) Great wallpaper and cool idea!

Merci beaucoup! - Aug 31 2005
Mandriva-cover classic edition

Various Stuff by wuf 1 comment

good idea I wanna make one too, just wait and i'll upload it! - Aug 31 2005
Lonesome and Pining

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 4 comments

nice job Ludos! - Aug 30 2005
Black Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by LeeSieLung 8 comments

Can u please send me Metal4kde sources? - Aug 28 2005
desktop screenshots

KDE Plasma Screenshots by motyR 5 comments

hi moty!
welcome back again, how do i contact u? - Aug 22 2005
summer os

Wallpaper Other by debian1993 8 comments

looks nice and stylish! - Jun 28 2005