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kundor marcius

Various KDE Stuff by spookster 11 comments

Actually, strcmp is case-sensitive, while stricmp is not case-sensitive; so searching will probably be case sensitive now for you. For correct behaviour you can do as the sibling suggested, or replace stricmp with the POSIX-compliant strcasecmp, which also works. - Oct 20 2005

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

Yeah, I had several bad runins with that before I turned it off.

Having it off by default would be safer for people who are finger-trained to use shift-down/up to scroll ;) - Oct 20 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Linuster 28 comments

That's a really good idea, and if were integrated into the Wallpaper browser and things like that, that would be really nice (As it is, if you switch to a different dir in the wallpaper browser, you have to know KDE paths to get back...not good.)

I think this would be great for inclusion in KDE itself, to allow it to be used for wallpaper browser and things like that. I bet they'd be willing to put it in too - ask them! - Oct 17 2005

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

right click->Settings->Scrollbar->Hide

Honestly people, how hard is this - Oct 13 2005

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

Yakuake is excellent! Very handy!

I was wondering if it would be possible to make scrolling on the tab bar, with the mouse scroll wheel, switch between tabs (as it does in Konsole)? That would be convenient.

Thanks! - Oct 10 2005

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

Just right click->Settings->Schema->Transparent Konsole - Oct 10 2005

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

Why not just use screen? - Oct 06 2005
kopete !action script

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by seb 16 comments

IIRC That replaces the alias in outgoing messages, not replying to incoming messages, hence is entirely different. This is more like a chatbot script sort of dealie. - Apr 26 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Luck 3 comments

That Konqueror button is really nice!

Unfortunately I can't use it because it doesn't jive with the rest of my icon theme at all. If you could make a more complete set that would be awesome. - Apr 23 2005
Screenshots in the bookmarks (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by djworld 13 comments

Very good idea, especially the bookmarks:/ kioslave. - Apr 10 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by arminstraub 178 comments

Using this with my music player, I can go to Play Media, type locate:Beatles or locate:SomeBand and all the music from that band from all over my hard drive goes there! (The player automatically filters out any non-music files itself.)

This is really great, I would love to see it in KDE. - Apr 10 2005
SpiffiLyrics (Juk + xmms + amarok)

Karamba & Superkaramba by gstnet 21 comments

This is a cool theme, and I'm using it. However, it would be really nice if it would dynamically grow and shrink vertically to fit the lyrics, with some maximum number.

I tried to hack this in myself but couldn't manage it. - Apr 10 2005