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Jason McGaw Euless, United States of America
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

Rekonq is quickly becoming my favorite browser, though I have some questions only because I couldn't find answers using Google.

1. Even though I change the text size in the configuration, and rekonqrc does show the change, the actual text on the web page still stays the same size (12 pt.). Is there a way to correct this?

2. Even with AdBlock turned on with subscriptions checked, with and without a custom userContent.css, no ads are being blocked; again is there a way to correct this?

I've seen this behaviour, even after deleting rekonqrc, with the package from the Ubuntu repositories (0.9.1) and I also added the recent build PPA (0.9.9), and I still have these issues. I've got KDE 4.8.4 on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS. If these can be solved, It'll be almost time to get rid of FF, I can't stand the resource drain FF causes. - Jul 22 2012
Ghost in the Shell

KDE Plasma Screenshots by frag 3 comments

Awesome! I love Conky! I really enjoy your setup!

And thank you sooo much for the theme work. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and now with KDE and your theme, My desktop makes me feel right at home! - Nov 24 2010