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Hrym Kwindva Beijing, China
Oxygen Neon

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Jan 29 2011
Good good work. - Mar 18 2011

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 153 comments

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Jan 09 2013
Sorry.I used to use the ozone decoration,it misled me to think there is no titlebar color specified in kde's color schemes.Apologies for my filing a wish without a simply further survey.It's a great decoration.Good luck. - Mar 20 2009
Is there a way to change the default overall color,BLUE?I want the color to be black,or maybe green.Anyway, a blue titlebar doens't harmonize with my color scheme. - Mar 19 2009
Vienna 3

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by sour
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Jun 13 2008
I thought the source file would be in a different way.Now it is difficult for me to understand and handle it.
Any way,vielen Dank. - Jun 13 2008
oe,Hand cursor be continous ?
And ,would you like to provide the source files as you provide it under the GPL? - Jun 12 2008

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Jun 05 2008
定位不够准确?因为所有光标的焦点都是圆的中心啊。不是传统的以左上角定位的。 - May 28 2008
I found I have to learn to use imagemagick.That's a long way ,maybe. - May 28 2008
The question-sign-cursor?Well,but what's wrong with it as you think?I would like to chang it according to your suggestion.
Other color-themes,eh,I will work them out.But that's not a light-easy work,I shall take another time,not today and tomorrow.
A smaller version?This version is 24*24px,I thought it is small enough.Maybe 18*18 is what you want?
Thanks for your comment and suggestion,I will keep it up. - May 27 2008

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Apr 08 2008
Apparently,it is incomplete.for example,the text cursor is missing.. - May 03 2008
Oxygen Neon

by qwerta

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9   Mar 18 2011