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Kenneth Wimer
Marble - Desktop Globe

Education Apps by tackat 73 comments

Great is amazing how smoothly it works. REALLY NICE! - Mar 23 2007
Open SuSE menu side

Various Stuff by tardigrade 3 comments

the font is Cholla.

One suggestion from me would be to use a graphic that is not cut from a white background. Another would be to include the whole logo or no logo :-) - Aug 23 2005
Kpdf icon

Various Artwork by MART-IN 3 comments

Although this icon kinda breaks the idea of using a copyrighted work, it is quite different and does still say "pdf"...I suggest removing the dotted lines inside the box, for a start though... - Sep 17 2004

Various Artwork by meNGele 19 comments

THe biggest problem, as I see it it that the pdf logo is copyrighted and really should not be used in this logo, although any other logo does not "say" pdf quite like the original visual metaphor...until now this is my favorite because it looks nice, and is easy to remeber. The mimetypes look nice and simple to understand - Sep 17 2004
No more windows on my computer!

Wallpapers Windows by seriozhcka 8 comments

Saying things like this proves that you have never read the license. - Sep 10 2003
SuSE bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ftz 7 comments

You can get everything you need from

There are english READMEs in the package that explain everything. - Nov 05 2002
Abstraction for Suse

Wallpaper Other by MaYed 6 comments

I think this is well done. It'd look great with a centered panel (aka OSX)! - Nov 05 2002