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Plasma Comic Sources 6 comments

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Sep 14 2019
Unfortunately, this stopped working some weeks ago, so I rewrote the script: - Aug 15 2014
rekonq Web Browser

Browser 290 comments

by adjam
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014
Rekonq is what KDE needs! Thanks for writing this. Since 0.4.0 and the KWallet support, rekonq is my default browser. Go on like this :-) - Mar 31 2010

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

by l3u
Score 50.0%
Oct 22 2008
Changed it ;-) - Oct 22 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 27 comments

by l3u
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Sep 16 2009
You have to start the Python debugging console first by entering "python" in the shell. Bash does not know anything about Python commands and can'tr import any Python modules ;-)

The missing characters should be u"\xc5" for "Å" and u"\xe5" for "å".

(The "u" before the string indicated that the following string is Unicode-encoded, just to have said this :-)

Perhaps, we should do a i18n via gettext? Would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?! But perhaps, one should first make the statistisc script rock and be configurable by some GUI or at least an easy-to-understand configuration file ... - Jul 05 2008
You can't use non-ASCII characters in the Python source code by default. An easy way to do that is to write the characters as escaped Unicode characters.

E. g. u"\xe4" instead of "ä".

You can find out these character sequences by starting python in a console and doing the following:

from locale import getpreferredencoding
localEncoding = getpreferredencoding()

Then, you can do something like


and Python will print out the escaped Unicode string, e. g.:

u'\xc4\xd6\xdc\xe4\xf6\xfc' - Jul 04 2008

you can also search the database by simply doing (for example):

sqlite3 ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection.db "SELECT url FROM tags WHERE url LIKE '%Tchaikovsky%'"

from a console. - Jul 04 2008

Artist, album, title and genre are logged by logger. I don't think that the length of the filename causes this error. Are you sure that the files are in the collection database? If so, it would be very interesting if the URL stored in the database differs from the actual url. If you know SQL a bit, you could search directly inside the database doing "sqlite3 ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection.db", querying the table "tags". The data is not fetched from the mp3 (or whatever) files theirselves, but from Amarok's database. So the songs have to be indexed by Amarok.

Try modifying the script from version 0.2 -- that should be way easier than modifying the previous versions :-) - Jul 04 2008
Thanks for the bug report ;-)

I added this to the readme file (and to the description above): "The current progress is written to stderr and the HTML is written to stdout, so do e. g. ./playstat > stat.htm on a console to have the HTML written to stat.htm"

The playstat script was only thought to be an example how the database could be queried to produce some statistics. Perhaps, one could modify it in a way that it can be configured and run from Amarok. I'll see ... :-) - Jul 03 2008
Try to delete ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/logger.db -- it seems that the database does not contain the table it should contain. The database will be re-created after a new start. - Jul 02 2008
Try version 0.1.4, it _really_ should work now ;-) - Jul 02 2008
I'm just trying to find out in which way one can get the database's url parameter out of the url parameter passed to the scripts in a convient way. Seems like the first directory, if it's /home or seomething else ... is replaced by a "./". On the other hand, it worked for me to just add a "." before a song located in /var here ... and /var was present in the database. Confusing. I posted a topic on the Amarok forums (,15543.0.html ). Perhaps, somebody there knows the underlying mechanism. I'll let you know it ;-) - Jun 30 2008
Okay ... here, it worked, I included some directory from /var and it worked after the fix ... so, where are your songs stored? Is the absolute path "/Singles/Alternative Electronic/..." or where is that directory? Do you know a little coding Python? I would really love to fix this issue ... but I can't reproduce it at the moment! - Jun 30 2008
Should be fixed with version 0.1.3 :-) - Jun 29 2008
The database used by logger is independent of the database Amarok uses. I get this "Error processing file" error here if the song to log is not present in Amarok's database. When the dcop collection query call fails (when no data is retrieved), logger outputs this message. If the song _is_ in the database, I could imagine that the URL produced by logger to query the database is wrong and nothing is found.

Here, the songs are all in subdirectories of ~. This could cause the error ... the "url" col of the "tags" table in my database looks e. g. like this: "./tobias/Musik/Alben/Clawfinger/1993 Deaf Dumb Blind/07. Warfair.mp3". Could you check if an absolute path is used instead if the music is not inside the home directory? E. g. with "dcop amarok collection query 'select url from tags limit 10'" - Jun 28 2008
Lyrics Manager

Amarok 1.x Scripts 53 comments

by msan
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Dec 02 2009
Hi :-) The script messes up special characters like German Umlauts when the system does not use Unicode ... lyrics added by the external editor feature show two not printable characters instead of the actual special character when the text is viewed by amaroK's metadata dialog.

Anyway -- a cool script :-) - Nov 02 2007