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Selena Selena
my gooddoughter

KDE Plasma Screenshots by nunopinheiro 3 comments

Very nice, very good use of seitransparency. Rawk on. Your duaghter is beautiful btw. Kepe up the good work and enjoy KDE! - Jan 18 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kaxciron 2 comments

Absolutely beautiful. The karamba themes go very well with the background. good job, keep up the good work. - Jan 17 2005
[mac Style]

KDE Plasma Screenshots by brainlessgeek 15 comments

Nice... cept for the naked woman. as for the transparency, hes probably using the newest version of X that has the composite module, allowing for transparent windows. - Jan 17 2005
X Slack

KDE Plasma Screenshots by foxhnd 1 comment

That looks very nice. Its clean, not full of stuff and the colors go very well with each other. keep up the good work. - Jan 17 2005
Uknown Style Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by maitre 3 comments

Not bad but the some of the colors aren't very attrative. - Jan 17 2005