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Holger Hoffmeister , Germany

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Nov 16 2014
Yes, that would be nice. Its kindo of awkward to have only new CDs ;-)

Thanks for your dedication! - Jan 09 2011
Anytime :-)
Thanks for your work!!!

If you need someone to test a new function just mail me :-) - Jan 09 2011
I love audex, I use it every day... well, nearly every day ;-)
One really annoying thing:

If the cddb-Database doeas deliver the info, and no date is included, audex fills the field automatically with 2010, wich is for my huge collection in 99,9999999% wrong.
I would prefer an empty field!

Maybe a swith in the option:
"fill automnatically current date" yes/no would be a solution.

Thanks so far for the good work! - Oct 21 2010
Covers are not always catched. Only a restart help.

Another cover matter:
If audex cannot find a cover, a click on search (google search) is not working.
This would be important! - Oct 21 2010

by marcomaniac

Score 80.5%
Oct 21 2010