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Laurence van den Elshout Lelystad, Netherlands
Plasma WiFi

Plasma 4 Extensions by ochoha 52 comments

Could you make sure the applet stays square, and keeps a sane size in a panel? It now sizes to take whatever is left in the panel, resulting in weird shapes and sizes. I've got a vertical, not-full-size, panel at the left-hand-size of my screen with buttons and stuff in it, and this meter is currently twice as high as it should be.
Some more wifi-info, like essid, and ip-address, in a tooltip or so, would be nice.
And an option to start a configuration-tool, like wpa_gui, would make it complete. - Oct 30 2008
using plugins in konqueror (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by warrob 7 comments

this is already present in konqueror:
in the config screen, in the plugins tab, enable "load plugins on demand only" - Oct 03 2006

Aurorae Themes
by WillS

9   Apr 06 2011