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Andrea Lazzarotto , Italy
Apple Mac OSX Session Login

GDM Themes by webstyler 16 comments

This is not freedom of choice, this is freedom to be considered as dumb and stupid... Or maybe envy about Apple. If I'd like Mac OS I'll use it, but because I don't I simply don't try to copy that (questionable) UI. - Aug 08 2009
Mac OS X Snow Leopard

GDM Themes by demonoidmaster 5 comments

The artwork comes from a copyrighted image from Apple... How can you put this under gpl? - Aug 08 2009
Leopard WP Mod

Wallpaper Other by Bignono 3 comments

This should be removed. - Aug 08 2009

GTK2 Themes
by kimmik

Aug 12 2009