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Chris Tomalty

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 73 comments

How do you mean?

The thing is that I want a very different panel background and really the bright one doesn't suit me. - Dec 04 2009

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 73 comments

This is a wonderful theme, but I'm having issues with the GTK theme. Whenever I add the theme (even after commenting out the areas perscribed to be commented out if you don't want a themed panel or fooling around with the panel files) and change the panel background, I get the Applications/Places/System, Banshee, and logout icons all having the default panel background instead of the one I want to use.

I'm not adept at theming per say... anything I can do? It's the one thing keeping me from using this theme. - Dec 04 2009
Folderview Screenlet

Conky by Whise 163 comments

It was transparent by default for me...

Great applet! I've wanted this for a long time.

Just a feature request tho: Could you add drag-and-drop functionality? I'd like to be able to drag files onto the screenlet and have them end up in the folder. - Apr 21 2009
Conky Flavours

Conky by Lemonade 24 comments

Thanks. I have the weather working now, but how do I get the sunny/cloudy/snowing icon?

I got the harddrive thing working.

Thanks for this script, it's great. Only suggestions are that you provide a single-core version (I had to do just a tiny bit of digging in the conkyrc to get it to not think I had two cores. It wouldn't start until I did it like that), that you link to all the fonts used (again, no great trouble to find them, but it would just be easier).

Is there a way to disable the popup asking for light or dark on startup? - Dec 07 2008
Conky Flavours

Conky by Lemonade 24 comments

So I live in the Weather Network's CAON0349 (I don't know if this applies or everything or what...), and I used that as the loc code in the conkyrc, but I can't get the weather applet or the harddrive's degrees (C) working.

Any help?

Identical conkyrc as this original with some tweaks (read: removals) - Dec 06 2008
Ubuntu 8.10 CD Label

Cliparts by SharpieTM 28 comments

Really professional! Could you upload the inkscape file? - Nov 12 2008
Viva (codename Espoo550 alpha)

GTK2 Themes by dskagers 4 comments

This is a really awesome theme. Nice work! - Jan 21 2008
Ubuntu Glossy Brown

GTK2 Themes by OpenAugusto 26 comments

Could you please provide an uninstall script or tell me how to uninstall a .sh? I've switched my theme but I'm stuck with a brown background for Nautilus. - Aug 04 2007
Ubuntu Glossy Brown

GTK2 Themes by OpenAugusto 26 comments

Wish there was an edit button...

I really like your mockup too. That would turn Ubuntu into truly the ultimate OS. A combination of the great things from all OSs. - Aug 03 2007
Ubuntu Glossy Brown

GTK2 Themes by OpenAugusto 26 comments

I second that. Human's default bars are boring. Having your bars with the normal Human theme would look awesome.

I like it! - Aug 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by llib1234 5 comments

Ok, so I'm scrolling through, and to be honest I don't like most themes here. But your's looks really nice and classy.

So I download, and try to install. Invalid Format.

Then I untar and go to the actual GTK theme you mentioned, and install that.

Invalid Format still.

I'm on Feisty. - Aug 01 2007

GTK2 Themes by juanfgs0 19 comments

This is an absolutely wonderful theme, and I think I'll put it on my youth group's Ubuntu computers (which I'm getting to run Linux to save money) to give my friends a great first taste of Linux. Great job! - Jul 01 2007
I printed it out and tried to use it in my CD that I was making, and it's the wrong size. - May 08 2007
Very cool!

Two questions: Can you make or is there a version of this in English, and what font is used in the Ubuntu logo? - May 02 2007