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Leif Gruenwoldt
Kamel icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jarulez 51 comments

I really like your icon set! It's nice to see something fresh that isn't tango or nuoveXT. Look fwd to a release. - Oct 01 2007
Echo Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by cakeandtea 26 comments

Sorry I don't think I meant to say fonts. Looking back I think I meant the edges of the icons could be stronger. They sort of fade off. I really like the stronger edge contrast that tango icons have. - Oct 01 2007
Echo Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by cakeandtea 26 comments

I'm not too fond of it either.

I think it could be a lot cleaner looking. The edges of the fonts are not strong enough for my liking. - Mar 10 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

I find it hard to distinguish between the KNotes, Korganizer and Klipper icons in my system tray.

Two of these icons are practically identicle in that they show a piece of paper with a pin stuck into them (Klipper and Knotes). THen there's Korganizer that looks like a clipboard witha checklist on it!

It takes me a good 1 or 2 seconds every time as look at these icons trying to remember which is which because it certaintly isn't clear right away if you've never seen them.

Knotes makes sense...Klipper on the other hand makes no sense to me why it is a pinned piece of paper on a yellow background. I forget what the old klipper was but it was a helluva lot better in rc1.

Korganizer barely makes should be some sort of calendar icon maybe with the words "Tues 4" to specify it has to do with days of the week. A checklist (or todo list) is only part of the functionality of korganizer. - Nov 30 2004