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Levander Thomas
Aero Blue Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by coagen 2 comments

I've been looking at these emerald themes. Apparently, to make an emerald file, you cd to the directory that contains all the themes files, then tar/gzip them up into a file that ends in .emerald.


1.) cd "Aero Blue Glass\" # have to use the quotes because of the spaces. And, I am referring to the "Aero Blue Glass" directory in the current .tar.gz file you have people downloading.
2.) tar czf aero-blue-glass.emerald * # this makes a .tar.gz file that doesn't have the .tar.gz suffix. It has a .emerald suffix.

That's all .emerald files are, .tar.gz files that end in .emerald.

Note that you can open any of these emerald files with "tar xzf <emerald file>".

I'd also get rid of all the spaces you use in filenames. Just makes it a little harder to deal with files on the command line when the have spaces in their filename. Plus, it looks weird. It's just not how filenames are commonly done. Well, I see it sometimes in video/audio file collections. - Mar 28 2008
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ubuntuwallpapers 3 comments

I saw one similar that somebody did with three girls' butts. These are hilarious. I would have loved to see the camera pull back and show the girls faces while they got their tits smashed against each others'. - Mar 28 2008
SolidSlate (Compiz/CGWD)

Metacity Themes by darkmatter 6 comments

Oh, and I am dying to know what that bright green, but subdued wallpaper comes from. If anyone knows, please post... - Mar 28 2008
SolidSlate (Compiz/CGWD)

Metacity Themes by darkmatter 6 comments

This work is brilliant.

But, maybe darkmatter has disappeared? I didn't download and try this them. but in his comments, darkmatter does say the theme is incomplete.

Check out aualin's modification of this theme: - Mar 28 2008
ubuntu aNGeL

Wallpapers Ubuntu by wildman-SVK 1 comment

Great work, but I personally won't use it because of the "Edited by Wildman" comment in the lower left. I have enough things that I'm trying to get down without a little tiny nother distraction for my brain in the lower left. It's just unnecessary.

Seems particularly cheap because Wildman apparently isn't even the author of the picture. He just edited it.

It really is an astonishing image on the whole. - Mar 28 2008
Natural Lighting

Wallpaper Other by thegladiator 6 comments

This is a great wallpaper. But, I have no idea why there's wording on it. It just looks funny to me for a picture to have it's title stenciled on it. Then, who is WB Skinner? Is having his name on there an advertisement for whoever the artist is? It just looks tacky having that wording on it.

It's not the usual kind of background I like, but it's so good, I'd definitely use it if it weren't for the wording.

I just think people like me who spend money on art (if that's what the artist advertisement is after) would explicitly look up the artist and go check out his stuff. I don't know what having your name stenciled on people's desktop accomplishes.

Meh, maybe other people like having the wording on there?

It really is a great image. - Mar 28 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by jarulez 6 comments

I found a greenish background that looks good with SolidState Modified. It's called darksilver, but it looks green to me.

Love the effect you've achieved with the color. The Ubuntu logos look weak, but it was a nice touch distributing the wallpapers without the logos also.

I hate how people put various logos all over everything. It's like advertising has got to go all over every square inch. But, a nice subtle Ubuntu logo going where you'd rarely see it (because there'd usually be an application window covering it up) does seem appropriate.

I'd love to see a gimp tutorial for us newbies to show how to create this effect with any color... - Mar 28 2008
Aero Blue Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by coagen 2 comments

I need to find a really dark wallpaper to go with it. I'm using a dark brown wallpaper called elephant that comes with Ubuntu, and it's really not dark enough. Think I need something black to use with this theme.

I do think there's too much of that blue fuzzy shadow around the edges of the windows. It's a great effect, I just think it's too many pixels wide. I'm also not sure why that blue fuzz is showing up around the sides of my desktop. I've never seen that in a window border theme before. But, then again, this is only the 2nd emerald theme I've installed... - Mar 28 2008
Simple Ubuntu Black

GDM Themes by itsinthecove 7 comments

And for some very annoying reason, I'm very picky about themes and the such. This one meets my taste where I like traditional designs with a touch of ecclectism which look very professional.

I just don't know why the word "Linux" appears above the text box and in the middle. It just looks so out of place. Without that detail, this theme would be very close to perfect for me. - Dec 28 2006