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lex lexus , Bulgaria

Karamba & Superkaramba by lexus 3 comments

It's a backgrounds for Liquid Weather ++. You must put folders with the .png images in your Superkaramba Liquid Weather++ Theme folder. - Mar 02 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by kovidgoyal 154 comments

SKopete takes only the first buddy icon from the metacontact's DCOP call and if there is none it uses its default. Well most of my Metacontacts have at least 3 accounts (MSN,Jabber and ICQ), so if there is no icon in MSN but there is an icon in ICQ SKopete does not use the last one but uses its default.
I think SKopete have to manage buddy icons better - especially the use of unified resources in KDE (for ex. Contacts in Kontact etc just like kopete is doing it). You may say that adding custom icon for a buddy in SKopete is a solution, but i don't think so 'cause the main idea of KDE is lost ( i am tired of changing the configuration of a contact for every single plugin/program i use, just because they don't use the unified resources of KDE). - Jan 13 2007
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