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Plasma 5 Weather 67 comments

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Apr 22 2016
Yes this is a known bug from Yahoo! side. I fixed it by using Fahrenheit and doing conversions myself in trunk. Will release a new version in following weeks along with other improvements. :) - Apr 09 2016
As mentioned on GitHub issue:
This is a data error from Yahoo! side, but I'll address it in future versions. - Apr 07 2016
The very latest git one should fix everything (not including Yahoo! own API issues). - Apr 06 2016
It works perfectly fine here (on OpenSUSE Leap). The situation "response is empty" shouldn't happen neither. - Apr 05 2016
My bad, just changed QtQuick.Layouts 1.2 to 1.1 (this should fix your issues). Please check `master` code on Github and let me know if it works for you now. - Apr 05 2016
5.0.1 won't work because Yahoo! removed support for old API.

Please try 5.1.0 (or the latest master code on GitHub). You might need to install the qml-module-qtqml-models2 package to address dependency issue. - Apr 04 2016
Thanks for reporting. I've fixed this issue by a workaround proposed by another user. A new version is already released. :) - Apr 02 2016
Just merged a pull request. I'll release a minor update to fix it once I (re)install KDE and validate it. - Mar 29 2016
I'm working on it. Thanks for your comment. - Sep 27 2015
Sorry for that. The plasma 5 changed a lot and new version doesn't have support for other languages, yet. Please wait for the next update (don't know when though) - Jul 10 2015
A quick Google could've helped you:

Apparently your Linux distribution makes it as an optional module and you need to install it via package manager. - Apr 08 2015
It works, I just used your WOEID on my machine (Fedora 21) and it works as expected. - Apr 05 2015
You're welcome to do anything you like. Well, it's a free software. :-) Good luck. - Aug 31 2014
AQI China

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Jan 16 2014
Sorry for long-time absence. I just decided to postpone the update until plasma 5.2 is officially released.

Qt5 provides much more powerful Qt Quick 2.0 comparing to the Qt Quick 1.0 in KDE SC4. So the feature you've requested will be implemented in a brand new version. But I will only start the migration in February 2015. :-) - Nov 15 2014
I'll look into this after my graduation next month. :-) - May 17 2014
it'd be possible to make it display in tooltip, which can be seen when mouse hover on it.

but I think to display it on the "cloud" icon is not easy to be done, at least not in KDE 4.x. - May 16 2014
As I replied you in blog. You should try "beijing" (lowercase) or "010" (telephone area code instead of zip).

I'll work on the code someday to convert pinyin to lowercase before pass it to API. Thank you for reporting this. - May 15 2014
Radeon Dynamic Power Management

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Nov 09 2013
If there is no such file under device directory, you probably need to enable Radeon dynamic power management manually.
Add radeon.dpm=1 to your kernel/linux line in GRUB. - Jan 15 2014

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Dec 06 2013
You're right. :-)

I'll apply for a commercial API key for the sake of convenience if M-W could just let me insert a little piece of text ads instead of charging me fees. - Nov 11 2013
Hello there.

Thanks for your downloading first. The thing is Merriam-Webster limited the usage of free api key not exceeding 1000 queries per day. I'm afraid the limitation is too "tight" so I just remove the default key.

Considering this plasmoid isn't very popular. I'll let you use M-W out-of-box in next minor version. aka 0.7.2 - Nov 10 2013
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

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Mar 02 2002
gladly there's a group here!

I'm using Fedora. - Nov 07 2013