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Sushil Shilpakar Lalitpur, Nepal

QtCurve by HugoPereira 546 comments

i tried full transparency and it looks wonderful, but some texts were unreadable because of dark background wallpaper.

So, i have a thought, how about adding an option for a white glow to the texts just as in plasma tooltips, then will be more readable even with full transparency. :) - Jul 22 2010
Thanx for the suggestion. I am not a graphics designer and i never realized it's size (which i shud have) ;)
Anyway, now i have changed the size to 96x96. - Jul 02 2010
S60 KDE Air Theme

Phone Themes by kilah 9 comments

plz.. i like this theme soo much, the s60v3 themes don't work on s60 v2.. can anyone plz make this theme for N70? i'd be very thankful and happy :) - Oct 04 2009