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alisson oliveira

Plasma 4 Extensions 17 comments

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Feb 25 2012
is to enable support for adobe flash, because I want to use the application to online radios.

:D - Mar 16 2012

Dolphin Service Menus 159 comments

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Dec 26 2017
mandriva package please because fedora is not installed or tarball to compile - Feb 09 2012
Quick Usb Formatter

System Software 32 comments

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Oct 21 2011
Garah I do not use kde 4.7, I use 4.6.5 but I think someone in earlier post complained of problems with the solid, I'm also having trouble with the command passed to format the pendrive, the error already sent to developers, but I I can never contact the staff of chakra, I think that's why I use Mandriva (I even downloaded the chakra but it is corrupted, I try to download again and keep in touch with the staff, this tool is interesting and deserves to go by default in kde - Nov 04 2011
I was able to compile on Mandriva 2011, but not formatting. the following message appears:
en and translation not being detected

****************** DETECTED USB DEVICES
>> Volume is unmounted
EXEC COMMANDS : mkdosfs ("-n", "TESTE", "-v", "/dev/sdd1")
- Oct 30 2011
Added in this version 4.1 was created by users translations? - Oct 22 2011
Hi I did my colleague, the translation into Portuguese of Brazil, the link is

I will compile a version for the night Mandriva 2011 and 2010.2 (I'm at work now: P)

translation by ALisson Oliveira
Wesley Junior - Sep 09 2011
Score 84.8%
Oct 11 2011