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Enrique Fig
Midnight Mushroom V3.0

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 6 comments

Love your work. I checked out your other wallpapers and they're superb. Great work! Keep it up! - Jan 11 2007
KXDocker GAPager Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stefano 2 comments

Just thought I tell your work is fabulous or awesome as we say. Hopefully KDE will come equipped with Kxdocker in the future.
Kee it Up!!! - Mar 20 2005
KXDocker with REAL Transparency

KXDocker by stefano 154 comments

I am able to add just about any icon I want into this new version of Kxdocker. For those of you who are trying to add Firefox, go into the configurator -> Obejcts tab -> Click on the Wand icon to add new icon -
-This are the settings that I gave it for it:
Name: Firefox
Group: Mozilla-Firefox
Classname: Gicon
Overtex shadow: Firefox

Then click Images tab and select any icon that would like for FF.
Click on the actions tab: OnClickExec: firefox
Click on the Tasks tab: click on the new window icon (not the check mark, or the one with the X) and make sure you have Firefox opened. Once you click on this new window icon, you will see a list of things that you have running. Delete everything in there except for Firefox listd on the window tittle....that's it(delete by using the X icon). Now this is very important - click on the enable botton - ok. And finally click on the save botton to save your configurations...which is probably on
~./kde/share/apps/Kxdocker/ and you should see there a kxdocker_conf.xml file. Click on it and save (Remember that to get there the .kde file on your home directory is hidden, so make sure to select show hidden files from the save window dialog box). If it doesn't show immediately on the bar, restart Kxdocker.

That's all....You can add just about any icon to the bar this way or by also draging the icon from your task bar to the kxdocker bar, but I thinking the name that you give in the Group name has to be unique for it to show, so I was say using MyFirefox, MyBrowser, etc. Otherwise it won't show.

NOW, my question is has anybody been able to show the clock or date icons. I was able to add the gclock_digitalized plug in to it, but it is not working properly...the icon shows the minutes correct. but the hour just keep changing all the least I show that icon, but the date icon (the one that shows the today's date) I'm anot able to show the icon. Let us know if it anybody succeeded at this!! - Mar 19 2005