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May 10 2014
Hey, thanks. However, I am afraid you are not wrong as this is the last update I am releasing... Sorry to disappoint :( - May 10 2014
Hmm, in my system, the directory '.dropbox-dist/...' is actually in my home folder. The script in fact does exactly what you did, goes to the dropbox directory in the home folder and replaces those icons with the reflektions ones.

Anyway, I am glad you sorted things out :) - Feb 21 2013
Hey, I uploaded a new version. Can you download and run just the install_dropbox script please? Let me know how it goes. - Feb 21 2013
Hey again,

I think it is not necessary anymore to install the dropbox icons. Did you try restarting dropbox, or logging out to see if the correct panel icon is used? - Feb 20 2013
Hello. Yeah, I just noticed the same problem in my desktop too, even though the dropbox icon in my panel is the one from the Reflektions theme.

I will post back when I figure out what is happening. Thanks for bringing this to my attention:) - Feb 20 2013
Sure, I will try to include them and fix the konversation icon in the next release :) - Sep 27 2012
Regarding VLC, yes it has the same issue as yawp. I am not really sure what is happening with clementine, I will have to check it.

The icons you asked for, hopefully I will have them ready for the next release :) - Jul 30 2012
Have a look at version 1.51, kteatime is there. Also, clementine in my computer appears correctly, i.e. the monochrome version.

Regarding yawp, it seems that the weather icons are hard-coded which means the only way to match the icons with the reflektions theme is to replace the original icons in the source code and build yawp from scratch.

Similarly for Skype, only in that case we do not even have the source code... - Jul 30 2012
You should be able to find the default icons in /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons.old.

Simply rename this folder to icons and you should be good to go.

By the way, the replacement of the default systray icons by the Reflektions theme is the old way. Currently, the Reflektion icon theme creates its own plasma theme based on your preferences... - Jun 18 2012
Glad you made it :)

The icon theme is not complete yet, so it is likely that some icons will be missing. Can you send me a screenshot of the missing icon to Use ksnapshot to take a picture. - Feb 06 2012
yes, v1.47 is the latest one.

1) Click on ''
2) In the first pop-up, select Yes
3) In the new window, click 'Install Theme File'
4) In the location, give the newly created Reflektions_KDE4.tar file.
5) Click OK.
6) Again, Click OK.

7) In the information window, click OK.
8) In the KDialog window, give /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default (or any theme you want to use)
9) Click OK
10) Enter new theme name, for example 'myTheme'
11) click OK
12) Click Yes
13) Select 'myTheme' and press OK.
12) For dropbox, click No if you do not have it.

That should install everything you need. - Feb 06 2012
You do not need to extract manually anything. Go to System settings->Application Appearance->Icons->Install Theme File and select the .tar archive. This will install the theme. - Feb 06 2012
Done! - Feb 06 2012
From the link above that says 'download'. It will redirect you to Download it from there. - Feb 06 2012
Ok, I have uploaded a new version of the icons. Can you download and try again? - Feb 06 2012
No worries, we have all been there.

Basically, the script does the following things:

1) builds the icon set
2) offers to install the icon set
3) creates a plasma theme out of an existing one
4) offers to select the plasma theme
5) offers to install dropbox icons

For step 2, you will find the icon theme as Reflektions_KDE.tar in the extracted directory.

Now, for step 3 you need to select a directory which contains an existing plasma theme. This is usually /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default. Once you have done this, the script will ask you for a name for your theme. Give, for example, 'Giolf'. Then it will offer the possibility to activate your theme and will open a selection screen. Choose the theme named 'Giolf'. This should do it.

For the last step, if you do not use dropbox, then simply select 'No'.

Good luck! - Feb 06 2012
I am not sure what is going on then. Can you try to extract the downloaded folder in your Desktop and click '' from there? - Feb 06 2012
That is true, I thought it would look nicer but it does not. I will change it and upload soon. - Feb 06 2012
In the extracted folder, there is a file ''. Can you click it and paste the output? - Feb 06 2012
To test if you have the convert command, open a terminal and give the following command:

which convert

You should get something like /usr/bin/convert. If not, then you will have to install the program 'imagemagick'.

Which distribution do you use? - Feb 06 2012

Download the icon theme, extract it and go to the folder 'Theme'. You will find instructions in there on how to change your theme. - Feb 06 2012
I will try to include some in the next release. - Feb 06 2012
Thanks, I will try to have them ready in the next release. - Jan 30 2012
Sorry for the late reply.

To uninstall dropbox:

- go to $HOME/.dropbox-dist/icons/hicolor/16x16/
- replace icons in "status" with icons in "status.old"

To uninstall systray icons

- go to /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/
- replace icons in "icons" with icons in "icons.old"
- replace icons in "widgets" with icons in "widgets.old"

You will need to log out of KDE for the changes to take effect. - Jan 22 2012
I am not sure I understand what you mean by "they do not work". Could you upload a photo or send it to me by email? - Dec 05 2011

Ktorrent, printer applet, and korganizer already have systray icons. They are not in SVG format as the rest, but they do fit well in the system tray.

Unfortunately, skype tray icon is hardcoded which means that unless skype developers do something about it, we will be stuck with that awful skype icon in the tray.

VLC and smplayer icons are also hardcoded (I think) but they can be changed provided you build the applications from scratch. You would need to replace all the icons and then compile. - Dec 05 2011
Glad you sorted that out :) - Nov 14 2011
That is strange. I just installed qupzilla but I do not see this huge icon. Could you try to remove the Reflektions theme completely and then reinstall it? I really do not know what could cause this problem in your computer... - Nov 13 2011
I will include them in the next release ;) - Oct 26 2011
Download the latest version of the icon theme and you will find it in the "Theme" folder. - Oct 22 2011
Yes, the bespin theme in the screenshot is custom-made. Give me your email address and I will send it to you. - Aug 28 2011
Thanks! The plasma theme is the default one (Air) and the widget style is Bespin. - Aug 28 2011

send me your email and I will mail it to you. - Aug 23 2011

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Hello Thomas,

When I try to create a new decoration preset, I noticed that it is applied to all windows, and not just the ones for which the preset was created in the first place. I understand that this has been noted before and was fixed in an older revision (rev 1486), so perhaps it is a regression?

I am using revision 1657. Thanks for your time! - Feb 26 2013
Awesome as always. Thanks for the quick fix and this great work :) - Dec 26 2012
I think I understand now what you mean by the right-alignment of the first layer. Wouldn't the right thing though be to click on the arrow and expand the view regardless of the alignment of the first layer? - Dec 26 2012
Hello again and happy Xmas,

There seems to be a small bug in dolphin when using details view mode. Clicking on the small arrow to expand the contents of a folder does not work. To make it work, you have to click on the blank area to the left of the arrow, which is strange.

Using latest revision 1638. - Dec 26 2012
Just tried latest revision and now there is no gap. Thanks! - Dec 12 2012
Hmm, you are right, I had not noticed that. If I open more tabs, then the gap gradually disappears.

Is there any setting where I can disable the centring of the tabs? Thanks - Dec 10 2012
Hi Thomas,

There seems to be a problem with the spacing of the tabs when two or more are open. In particular, a big gap appears between the first tab and the left-most side of the tab-bar. To see what I mean just open dolphin and create two tabs.

I believe it is a bespin related problem, as it does not occur for example with oxygen.

Running latest revision and kde 4.9.4. Let me know if you need more information. - Dec 10 2012
Yeap, changing the value to 1000 seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your help! - Oct 17 2012
Ok, I will try and post back tomorrow. Thanks! - Oct 16 2012
Yes, I am on the latest revision. What values are you referring to? - Oct 16 2012
I think I spoke too fast. Unfortunately, it still happens...any suggestions? - Oct 16 2012
Hmm, I just removed the build directory and recompiled everything from scratch; it seems to be working now, will post back if I experience the same problem again. Thanks! - Oct 16 2012
Hi thomas,

I have been experiencing a weird problem. Everytime I boot into my KDE the kwin bespin decoration is not there (presumably it has crashed). If I go to a virtual console and restart kdm then everything is loading properly.

If I change the decoration to Oxygen then I no longer have this problem. I am using the latest bespin revision and KDE 4.9.2. Any help is appreciated! - Oct 16 2012

Full Icon Themes 28 comments

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Jan 13 2009
Hi again,

I have uploaded a new version which makes sure that the ptheme script lists only valid themes. Can you try with the new version, select the default theme and let me know how it goes? Thanks - Feb 24 2013

You are probably right, it does deserve a bit more love to make it fully functional. At the moment, the script tries to take the metadata from an existing theme and using 'sed' replaces the name to Reflektions.

So far, I have had no problems with it. I guess it has something to do with the 'default' theme you selected. In my system, the 'default' theme is in fact the Air theme and is found in /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default. This folder contains everything necessary to create the theme (widgets, backgrounds, icons etc). There is however a 'default' folder also in my home directory, $HOME/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/default which is incomplete (does not have all the required files to create a proper theme), yet still appears in the dropdown list of the install_ptheme script. Can you make sure you have selected the correct (complete) theme? I would suggest starting from scratch, ie remove the Reflektions plasma theme (move it somewhere else) and run the script.

PS, you have been posting in the old KDE3 reflektions icons :) - Feb 23 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions 77 comments

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Nov 24 2014
cool, thanks! - Aug 06 2012
Hello and thanks for this plasmoid! I would like to know if it is possible to change the systray icon somehow?

I tried replacing the tomatoid-icon.png located in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/tomatoid/ as well as the ones in the 'images' directory, but the icon did not change.

Is the icon hard-coded in the plasmoid? If so, are there any release plans for selecting a custom one?

Thanks in advance! - Jul 31 2012

by thomas12777

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Jun 18 2010
mathematics functions

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Blue Sora

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Linux Block

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