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Susan Harris Conway, United States of America
Tux Round Start Button Pack

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Feb 03 2009
the bottom portion would then become the "top" in the file name and in the xml - Mar 21 2011
Only idea that I can think of to fix this (since they were made to be used on a panel on the bottom of the screen) is to manually change the files.
You would have to take the preview file into gimp and crop off the bottom 10% and change the value +/- 50 and save each file accordingly. - Mar 21 2011
Windows 7 clone

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May 07 2009
When attempting to extract the startbutton and the icons for your theme, I get the following error:
tar xf Desktop/"Windows7 icons for startmenu.tar.gz" -C Desktop/Test
tar: Desktop/Windows7 icons for startmenu.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

This is because you (or the site you're hosting them on) puts quotes around the file names. I just thought that you should know. It's an easy fix, but its annoying. - Oct 26 2009

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Understandable. It's an awesome app and I can always make a translucent background image for the panel to get rid of that problem. And thanks for the link. - Oct 19 2009
When using opacity setting to make the panel translucent in conjunction with the windows preview plugins in compiz with dockbarx, the panel "jumps" and becomes opaque. Since that's the best way I can explain it, following is a short video of it happening. It's not a big deal to me since it can be fixed just by disabling the windows preview plugin in compiz, I just wanted to make you aware of it if you were not already.

I really do enjoy this applet and can't see going back to what I had before. :D - Oct 17 2009
Who Needs Windows 7 ? (GDM)

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May 29 2009
I made a really quick GDM theme where you can see multiple users. You can find it here: - Jul 02 2009

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

by 3co
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Jul 21 2008
I downloaded the theme and not the icons. With the theme, I had to wait 30 (give or take) seconds to download. No captcha.
I decided to see if the 500 seconds was an exaggeration, its not. I am tempted to download them, then upload them to my own site where anyone can download it with out having to be bombarded with Buy Our Services crap. If anyone agrees... just contact me. *shrugs* - May 27 2009
Plain Round Start Button Pack

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Feb 03 2009
Oops. That's very much human error on my part. I just copied the 'themedata.xml' as many times as I needed and changed the name in them as I went. Sorry that one didn't get fixed before uploading. Whenever I find time I'm going to have to fix that... - May 17 2009

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Feb 05 2009
Yes. Feel free to use it. :D - Apr 29 2009
Does a pale gray make it better? (I'm about to upload a newer version as to see what you think) - Feb 05 2009
Thank you! I was able to edit it and it works now. I appreciate your help very much. I had honestly thought that it was something I had done that had caused the icons not to show up. - Feb 02 2009
Black-Ubuntu-Orb Start Button

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Feb 03 2009
For about a month the tops of all of the orbs of mine have looked off. I have tried re-scaling them as you suggested, and they still look off. I honestly do not know why they are rendering slightly skewed now when they didn't before (as the screenshot shows).

I will work on it when I find time. - Apr 28 2009

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Feb 06 2009
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially since I really like this...
That image is taken from
The colors have been tweaked to make it more purple than blue (see original:[6]&b=count&z=228358585275238832&m=144875699586354698&zs=fluorescence)
And the owner of the site mentions copywrite
"Interested in using my images for something other than personal wallpaper?
The images in my galleries are protected by international copyright law. By visiting my public gallery you are granted a personal license to download and use the images as wallpaper on your personal computer and to share a few of them with your friends and family through email. Posting my work on personal or commercial websites is prohibited with the following exceptions:
*Non-Members: You can choose to use an image from my free gallery for your web page background provided that you heed the following rules:
  • You must host the graphic file yourself (see below for some sites which will host your files). I do not provide image hosting, and the image will not display on your page if you try to link to it on my server.

  • You must provide an image credit and link to prominently on your page.

  • I remove images from the free gallery from time to time, but you can leave any image that was once in the free gallery on your page if you follow the above rules. "

    So, basically, you have to say you got your image from that site, and everything should be okay - Feb 06 2009

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    Feb 06 2009
    First, thank you! And I know its a little skewed. :/ It looks like that for me as well. I was lazy and resized a square into a rectangle. I should probably change that. It would probably take a few seconds in GIMP. I'll fix it whenever I find time, and update it here. - Feb 06 2009
    Startgate Atlantis GDM Theme

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    Feb 04 2009
    I honestly do not know how to do that. The only two options I have found is either to run it in VirtualBox and then take a screenshot, or to take a picture with your digital camera. I wish I could help further. - Feb 04 2009
    Thank you very much. :D - Feb 04 2009
    could you please upload a picture of what the actual login screen looks like?

    You can install xnest to do the job

    sudo apt-get install xnest
    gdmflexiserver --xnest

    then take a screenshot that way.

    Only reason I'm suggesting it is because I AM a fan of the show, and would love to see what it looks like before I install it. - Feb 04 2009
    Win7 menu button

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    Jan 22 2009
    Due to, probably, user error, I've had problems with the *.deb packages that is why I suggested the source package. - Feb 04 2009
    First, you will need to download GnoMenu from here:

    Download the GnoMenu-1.6.tar.bz2 (md5) file.

    Right click on the tar ball and click "Extract here"

    Open Shell (or Terminal)
    type sudo su
    enter your password
    then type the following:
    cd /home/(your user name)/Desktop/GnoMenu
    press enter
    make install
    press enter again

    Then, right click on your panel and click "Add to panel"

    scroll down to select GnoMenu

    Then download this file

    right click on the gnome foot (the start button by default)
    Select Preferences
    Click on Panel Button on the left
    Click on the install Icon (Looks like a plus "+" sign)
    (you will have to enter your password again)
    When it says theme installed, you know you're done! :D

    Click the okay or cancel button, it will say that the menu needs to be restarted, and click yes (you may even get a notice that it quick unexpectedly and needs to be reloaded, so click reload now)

    then right click, select preferences again, click on the panel button option on the left, and chose your new button.

    May take a little work, but it does work and I hope that that helps you and doesn't confuse you too much. - Feb 03 2009

    GnoMenu Skins 5 comments

    by zws
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    Jan 03 2009
    Just wanted to let you know that I figured it out. Thank you for trying to help. :) - Feb 02 2009
    none of the themes show the user image. I honestly didn't think about until I re-looked at your screenshot, and then all the other previews for the themes have them also, but I just don't see them for some reason. - Jan 08 2009
    I really like your theme, and I currently have it installed. I was just wondering why the user image frame/user image doesn't show up. I am fairly new to GnoMenu and so it's probably something on my end and not on your's. If you could help me troubleshoot this I would greatly appreciate it. - Jan 07 2009
    Glassified Splash

    KDE 4 Splashscreens 21 comments

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    Mar 27 2009
    I really like this splash screen and I was wondering if you could update the link to download it.
    I get taken to a page that seems to be taken over when the domain expired. :(
    If you need somewhere to host it at, I offer my website to do so.
    Just PM me and I will take care of it. :) - Nov 30 2008
    Oxygen Refit Black

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    Mar 09 2009
    I was able to install it in KDE 3.5.9, BUT I also have KDE 4.1 installed on my computer as well (just to test it out to decide when I want to officially switch over to it - if I do).
    That may be how I was able to.
    Also, I extracted it and re-compressed it as a tar.gz file to install it (using the installed in the kde settings).
    I don't know if this would help you much but it can be done apparently. - Sep 19 2008
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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009
    Oxygen Refit 2

    Full Icon Themes
    by Chrispy

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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009
    Seven Redo

    GTK2 Themes
    by ZeroPrime

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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009
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    Oct 17 2009

    DockbarX Themes
    by M7S

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    Oct 16 2009