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Nagios Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by nik3nt3 11 comments

If you can't show setting's dialog then follow theses steps :

1/ download the current plasmoid and rename .plasmoid to .zip
2/ unzip it
3/ open contents/code/
4/ modify the line 192 :
self.nagios_server.password = None
self.nagios_server.password = "None"
------- Start Optionnal modification --------
5/ open metadata.desktop and add this line X-Plasma-NotificationArea=true
------- End Optionnal modification --------
6/ zip the content and rename .zip to .plasmoid
7/ remove nagios-plasmoid : plasmapkg -r nagios-plasmoid
8/ install new nagios-plasmoid : plasmapkg -i FILENAME.plasmoid

PS : with the optionnal modification ( step 5 ) you can show nagios plasmoid inside your systray

That's all, hope it works for you - Mar 30 2010

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

I've a problem when I choose to create by default a package deb.
I give path for checkinstall and when I try to use Kompile, a message appear.

Sources builded.
Installing binaries...
kdesu: Option inconnue.
kdesu: Utilisez --help pour obtenir la liste des options de ligne de commande disponibles.
Error binaries installation. Installation aborted!

Franck - Apr 05 2006