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Lotus 49
Sky is the limit

GDM Themes by boma 9 comments

On my laptop this GDM theme (which I like very much otherwise) says "Linux" just above the text entry box which looks a little out of place.

I presume that this is the output of uname. I have had a look at the XML but I am completely unfamiliar with the way GDM themes work so I couldn't find out where this came from. Do you know how I can remove this or at least change it so it shows my hostname? - Apr 05 2009
Hardy-Simple Colors GDM 2

GDM Themes by perfectska04 13 comments

I really like this GDM theme. It fits very nicely with the colours I use on my desktop and avoids the flashiness of many of the other themes.

However, it does have one fairly large drawback for me in that there appears to be no way of starting an XDMCP Chooser to log into remote machines.

Is there any way you could add this in? - May 13 2008