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Txt Reader

Office Apps 4 comments

by lsyer
Score 63.3%
Nov 27 2014
Please right click on the reader or the tray icon, then select the "Go Back" menu. - Dec 26 2009
Net Sharer

Network 9 comments

by lsyer
Score 50.0%
Dec 28 2009
If using binary pkg,download and uncompress netsharer-0.4.9-binary.tar.gz, you will found the binary file named netsharer,then run it.
If using source pkg:
1.downlad the source netsharer-0.4.9.tar.gz and put it into /opt; a terminal window,and run the following cmd:
#cd /opt/
#tar -zvxf netsharer-0.4.9.tar.gz
#cd netsharer-0.4.9
#make file /opt/netsharer-0.4.9/netsharer - May 15 2008
Oh,sorry,I have forgot to translate it!
You can install it with the rpm pakage,and after the installation you will see it in the start menu,or you could found it in folder "/usr/share/netsharer/".
If you compile the source,please run "make" directly and you will see the executable binary in the folder.
But before all of these,make sure QT4 had been installed. - May 12 2008
I have tried many times,and on my computer and others,it is all ok to down it.
Perhaps the ISP forbidden it?I am sorry but you are better to visit "" and download it in the attachments. - May 12 2008
I have changed the links,you can download directly.I am sorry for your trouble. - May 12 2008

System Software 2 comments

by lsyer
Score 50.0%
May 01 2008
How about have a try?haha
I just boot a msdos with grub,and then do you think ghost can not be loaded? :) - May 05 2008