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Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 17 comments

Updated, the background and start buttons should now be included in the archive. Sorry about that guys. - Apr 14 2014
Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 17 comments

It appears the archive has been altered, I will reupload the original soon.

Sorry about that guys. - Apr 08 2014
Mint-XP (GTK3, GTK2 & metacity pack)

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85 15 comments

It looks good :) I just got done making my gtk2 themes for xp so I can tell you really did your research here. Making themes is so addictive :) - Jan 15 2014
Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 17 comments

? - Jan 14 2014
Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 17 comments

The combo box now matches the rest of the themes, this is the only change in the update but for those of you using this theme you may want to download the update and simply overwrite all files on install.

Sorry I missed that guys :) - Jan 14 2014
Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 17 comments

I used the icon theme from win2-7 available here on Gnome-look. - Jan 12 2014

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 8 comments

Don't know why it was downvoted, voted up.

Love the colors and the originality :) - Jan 06 2014

Wallpaper Other by jfest 2 comments

All these photos are lovely but it would be so much better if you package them all into a single project so it does not spam the first few pages of new content. At the very least you could package all the different size images under one project rather than have 2 separate ones for each image with size being the only difference.

Thanks for all the nature though :) - Jan 01 2014
Lubuntu Bare Metal

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 2 comments

I just looked at this theme on my main PC and noticed that it seems a lot more saturated on it than it does on my netbook, I was wondering if its just my PC or if it looks to saturated to the rest of you too.

Please let me know and I will see about fixing it :) - Dec 31 2013

GTK3 Themes by BBOSAK2143 6 comments

Making a theme based on a flag is very difficult not to mention that it only appeals to the nationality of the flag.

A few tips though:

1. start simple, take a basic simplistic theme and first work on a single element, like the start button or taskbar.

2. Don't ever repeat the same png in different sizes over and over all over the place. All your themes suffer from over use of gradients in almost every place possible. What ends up happening is it washes out the effect completely and looks unprofessional.

3. Really think about each element, how it fits in, what its purpose is and what it looks like with its surroundings.

4. Once you have completed your theme ask yourself if everything you see is clearly readable, does it look seamless and tidy, does it hurt your eyes to look at it (too much contrast, bad color combinations etc)

5. Wait a day and look at it again and make changes as you see them (taking a break helps a lot to spot problems you would be blind to after hours of looking at something).

6. Remember, themes are art, and like all art we all have different tastes and ideas.

The trick to a non garish flag theme is subtlety, you want to incorperate all the elements so they are easily spotted but no imediately in your face.

Try to vary up your themes more, stay away from excessive gradients and change your font to a simpler one. All your themes look like recolors of your first one and that one was not great to start with. If you want to learn, start fresh with each new theme and really focus on your weak areas. I have said the same things to people getting started in 3d art many times, practice only happens when you start fresh each time.

Good luck with your themes and Happy New Year ^^ - Dec 31 2013
Lubuntu Shadowplay

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 13 comments

Good to hear ^^

Enjoy the theme, I am working on my next one now :) - Dec 28 2013
Lubuntu Shadowplay

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 13 comments

Glad you like it ^^

You mean the glow effect under the active window button is overpowering the text? The text on the taskbar should be light gray/white, are you sure you haven't overridden it in panel settings to a darker color?

I think I get what you are refering to but please correct me if I am wrong and I will get a fix out asap if it is indeed theme related :) - Dec 28 2013
Windows style Start Orbs

Icon Sub-Sets by Lubuntufan 7 comments

Done and done ^^ - Dec 28 2013
Windows style Start Orbs

Icon Sub-Sets by Lubuntufan 7 comments

Macbuntu added. I went with the most profesional looking logo I could find, I hope its the right one.

Enjoy ^^ - Dec 27 2013
A new Sphere has arrived

Icon Sub-Sets by potzblitz7 5 comments

These are fantastic, great work! - Dec 26 2013
Purple_Popper II

GTK3 Themes by BBOSAK2143 2 comments

Yet another case of a downvote without a comment to explain. I really hate the voting system here, you should have to post a comment to be able to vote imo.

I am not the one that voted down but I think I can see why you were. The theme has clashing colors, difficult to read text and fonts and banded gradients. It is quite jarring to look at.

I see you have put effort into this and I can appreciate that, please take my comment as constructive criticism. Try to avoid clashing colors and make your gradients smoother. The gold font is also hard to read, bot because of the font and the color being hard to pick out from the background. In my opinion the best way to figure out what colors go together is to look at some of the more popular themes and draw inspiration from the elements you like. Keep your themes simple and you will find more positve feedback. Clashing colors don't make things pop or add wow, they hurt the eyes ;)

Keep at it, I look forward to seeing how you improve :) - Dec 23 2013
Lubuntu Shadowplay

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 13 comments

Thanks for the feedback :)
I will sort out the entry box and the line you mentioned and post the update. I think I will darken the entry box a little too so the entry text pops a little more. - Dec 22 2013
Lubuntu Shadowplay

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan 13 comments

Please guys, if you are going to vote down at least take the time to let me know why. I put a lot of work into this and can't fix anything if I don't know whats wrong with it. And please don't downvote if you are using a different distro to lubuntu, I clearly stated in the title that the theme is for lubuntu. - Dec 21 2013
Lubuntu Shadowplay 1280x800

Wallpapers LXQt/LXDE by Lubuntufan 3 comments

Sweet, my layered psd has the logo orb on a separate layer so it may be usefull to you for splash screen creation ;)

The file contains separate layers for:
Background (grey with center spotlight effect)
Logo (LXDE logo on a blue chrome orb)
Lubuntu text - Dec 02 2013
KCM webcam support

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by f3lip3

5 .0
Jan 15 2014
Almond (5 version)

Metacity Themes
by Simzer

5 .8
Jan 15 2014
6 .4
Dec 26 2013
6 .3
Dec 10 2013
6 .7
9   Mar 19 2014
7 .4
9   Jan 15 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by michtar

6 .3
9   Jan 14 2014

GTK3 Themes
by BBOSAK2143

4 .8
3   Jan 14 2014

Cinnamon Themes
by Brahimsalem

5 .0
9   Jan 06 2014
6 .2
9   Dec 26 2013
6 .4
9   Dec 26 2013

Wallpapers Mint
by Brahimsalem

5 .8
9   Dec 22 2013
6 .6
9   Dec 21 2013
5 .6
3   Dec 21 2013
6 .3
9   Dec 10 2013