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Network by padde 9 comments

Hmm you're right. I was actually thinking about changing the config file. But like you said - that would require firefox to be closed. I didn't consider that to be a big problem, but I guess you're right. - Apr 12 2007

Network by padde 9 comments

I *think* it shouldn't be too hard to do this. I have exams now, but if you want I can have a look at this afterwards.
If you're still interested, send me an e-mail in February (ludootje at linux dot be). - Jan 13 2007

Network by padde 9 comments

Download link is broken, correct url: - Jan 13 2007
WebIssues Client

Developers Apps by mimec 11 comments

(should've refreshed before replying)

@mimec: yep, was missing a '/' at the end. as for the rc files, I posted about that in your forum. - Dec 30 2006
WebIssues Client

Developers Apps by mimec 11 comments

My mistake - the url needs a trailing '/'.
Nice app. - Dec 30 2006
WebIssues Client

Developers Apps by mimec 11 comments

Looks like a cool tool, but can't get it to work. I configured correctly I think, at least setup.php worked fine. When I try to connect using the client, it doesn't work though: "connection to server failed" appears in the statusbar.
The URL I used is "http://localhost:8080/webissues", login 'admin', password what I entered in setup.php. If I use http://localhost:8080 as the URL, it tells me "a server error occured (302 found)" so it does detect it correctly. I don't have anything in the logs, just in the sql logs (which contains the inserts from setup.php).

BTW by default, there's nothing in the tray, and you can't open the connection using the file menu. So you have to change the configuration, tell it to display in the tray, rightclick on the tray icon, and open connection. Not a very good default IMHO. It'd be better if open connection was added to the file menu. - Dec 30 2006
TorK for Debian Sid

Browser by Oldkid 4 comments

Only amd64 download works, i386 one doesn't. - Dec 18 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ipv4 223 comments

The current Debian link doesn't work, here are two links for Debian Sid:

Release version:
CVS version: - May 19 2006
ShadowFade at logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tobydox 44 comments

Looks great! I like it more than the blur actually (or the combination blur/shadow). It would be cool if this was the default for KDE, IMHO.
Awesome work! - Jan 16 2006
Modified keramik window decoration

KDE Plasma Screenshots by osrogon 8 comments

Nice work!

BTW What font do you use for the menu of kcontrol?
I like it a lot. - Oct 15 2002
Request: Gorillaz for KDE

Various Stuff by netfranz 5 comments

Kinda offtopic, but still I'd like to ask: what GTK theme are you using in the last screenshot? I think your GIMP looks great.
Would it be possible for you to mail me/reply here?
Thanks in advance. - Aug 21 2002
Linux + KDE = Near perfection

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ZennouRyuu 2 comments

splendid! may I ask which theme you use for the titlebars? - Jun 24 2002
Internet Explorer Icon (OSX Stlyed)

Icon Sub-Sets by bkeating 13 comments

I have the same problem - my family finds linux 'difficult' because it has other icons, so this icon will be of great use, thanks. - Jun 24 2002
KDE Girl with TUX

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by zeus 9 comments

I like it a lot! Great work really, nice combination of colors too. The tux you use is good too, did you draw it yourself? It's better than the "standard" tux - Jun 10 2002
K Logo on Grid

Wallpaper Other by joehill 7 comments

What does that have to do with this wallpaper?

Anyway joehill: great wallpaper! Really wonderful!!! - Jun 03 2002
Nice 'n' clean 'n' KDE

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Ty 3 comments

I love it! Nice, goodlooking, not too flashy colors, clean. Perfect. - May 31 2002
Aqua IceWM

Ice-WM Themes by OnkelchenTobi 4 comments

Hi, I'd like to know what wallpaper you're using, could you post a link to it please?
Ludootje - May 27 2002
What KDE could look like

KDE Plasma Screenshots by chirilas 16 comments

Most users don't have TONS of RAM, certainly not 2ghz.
Everyone has it's own tastes, can you understand that? - May 23 2002
flash on linux

KDE Plasma Screenshots by alois-kde 9 comments

Great site you have there, really! Thanks a lot for the link!
(For the guy/gal who was to lazy to search on a searchengine: franksworld has links to it too, was it so difficult to click the link?)
The URL didn't work - while -> wine -> applicatinons -> flash mx did, and it brought me to the same url as the one you posted here. Weird.

Anyway, thanks a bunch! This is great!

Ludootje - May 23 2002
flash on linux

KDE Plasma Screenshots by alois-kde 9 comments

You obviously haven't heard of doing something yourself now do you? Ever heard of searchengines? How about "winex homepage"? hmmm? moron - May 23 2002

Wallpaper Other by WinterWolf 17 comments

Is in the post. When you post a comment you can choose an icon for your comment. HE choose a smiley. - May 21 2002
Silva | KDE is the prettiest OS!!!

KDE Plasma Screenshots by joelsonoda 8 comments

... I forgot to mention this: you do realize KDE isn't an OS right ;-) - May 21 2002
Silva | KDE is the prettiest OS!!!

KDE Plasma Screenshots by joelsonoda 8 comments

Well, I don't know want to offend anyone, but personally I don't like wood backgrounds/themes etc on computers. In fact I hate them :-)
I find it really interesting that tastes can differ so much! However, I do like a lot, thanks for sharing, there aren't a lot of good free (art)sites anymore, or they are hard to find. - May 21 2002
What KDE could look like

KDE Plasma Screenshots by chirilas 16 comments

"you cannot lie to youurself like this. Windowblinds is a well designed programs with thousands of great themes." Windowblinds is crap, the themes maybe aren't. It uses LOADS of memory, and made my win2k crash quite a lot (read: over 5 times a day).
Of the 3 URLs you posted I like 1 theme, personally :-)

"Anyway I've found XP t be as stable as KDE so it's not really a problem."
Haven't used XP yet - it might be as stable as KDE. However, windowblinds isn't stable, and it will make XP less stable than KDE. And even if that wasn't a problem, the memory usage is a problem: KDE uses themes by default, so it wont use more memory because of a theme, while windows with windowblinds will.

As for the KDE url you posted: that imitates windows XP, and therefore it IS cartoonish, as I said. I personally find those screenshots to be incredibly ugly.

"The WinCustomize website is only missing a rating system in everything else it is as good if not beter than"
The rating system on kdelook can be incredibly abused of, you just hit rate good or bad, than reload the page - looking for good themes based on ratings isn't as affective as searching on downloads.

"If you hae never heard of Photoshop 7 than I don't know in what world you live in." I know photoshop, didn't knew what you meant with the abreviation "PS", for me that still is "Post Scriptum"... duh! Some artists prefer gimp to photoshop, that depends on what you're used too. It's the same as putting a computer newbie in front of KDE and putting a windows die-hard in front of KDE, the newbie will adapt much faster. Besides, there's a small price-difference, remember?

"XP may have minor hardware incompatibilities but Linux has 10x more." I personally NEVER had a hardware compatibility problem with linux, did had a problem with my sound in win2k. Linux is supporting more and more hardware nowadays.

"but saying that all XP themes are ugly and that WindowBinds is crap is very generalized and seems to come from somebody very close-minded." This is the part of your post I like the most, because you're apparently out of arguments here. Only people who don't have arguments change the other person's words, like you did here. Can you read? "windowblinds is crap and most themes are ugly." There's a huge difference between "all" & "most". You're changing my words here, that's quite dumb. Windowblinds is crap yes, I explain above why: memory & crashes. The program is crap, there are nice windowblinds themes however. As for the themes, sorry for not being clear here, I referred to XP themes in fact. - May 19 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by huru 3 comments

Which theme is that, I like it a lot!
It's a nice desktop you have there. Clean & good-looking. - May 17 2002
What KDE could look like

KDE Plasma Screenshots by chirilas 16 comments

windowblinds = crap. yes, it looks nice, it also makes windows crash even more, and uses TONS of memory.

"NOW XP LOOKS BETTER NOOO!" that's not true, i don't find most xp themes to be pretty (personally). it's so cartoonish/childish. kde looks MUCH better, this is a screenshot of KDE3
0, can you honestly say that ANY of those windowblinds themes look better?

"That website i also as good as this one and window binds is good too." Nah, kde-look is nicer, and window blinds is crap.

"XP has some better programs like PS 7" PS7? Never heard of it, anyway there are quite some wonderful linux apps which don't exist in windows.

"hardware always works with it because MS is a fucking monopoly" I 've heard of quite some compability problems, with video cards etc for which there aren't any drivers in XP, unless you d/l them from m$.com

"PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING GREAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO LINUX!" I really don't understand you, there's nothing wrong with linux - windowblinds is crap and most themes are ugly. - May 17 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by oar 2 comments

It's nice, except that KDE isn't a window manager, which makes it kinda dumb :/ - May 17 2002
flash on linux

KDE Plasma Screenshots by alois-kde 9 comments

How: he did it with wine. However, I tried it too with wine, and got this:
- the trial thing, telling me that I have used 0 of the 30 days, while I was already passed 20 days (that started the pretty well ;-))
- i hit the "Try it" button, and than i exited :/

Alois: could you, on your site, put a howto for how to get flash to work using wine (or do you use winex?) and put your .wine/config on your site too? - May 17 2002

Wallpaper Other by bas 1 comment

Even better than !
From now on, I'm an official fan of your work ;-) - May 17 2002

Wallpaper Other by bas 2 comments

Yes, the font is nice, and so is the background color. I love it - just like the wallpaper with the plane on. - May 17 2002
F16- Kde in motion

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by bas 1 comment

This is really pretty wallpaper, which is quite original too, thanks a lot!
May I ask, which font did you use? I like it :) - May 17 2002
BadBoy GNU

Wallpaper Other by Etherguy 11 comments

I second what you just said. - May 16 2002
UserFriendly Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 6 comments

This is my favorite splashscreen of you! Really wonderful! - May 16 2002
BadBoy GNU

Wallpaper Other by Etherguy 11 comments

the "message" is bad, i agree
he didn't make it, so don't whine on him
i think it's incredibly hard to make such a wallpaper, and i like how the baby is done
for me, this is art. it might not be *good* for gnu, but it's art. - May 14 2002
iKons 0.6.4

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 44 comments

Your icons are really nice, I like them a lot!
I also like the wallpaper you have on the screenshot, where could this one be downloaded?
Thanks in advance,
Ludootje - May 09 2002
Aki Ross

Wallpaper Other by madmethod 25 comments

Exactly! When the thumbnail is seen, you see it's a nice women on it. If you don't wanna see that, don't look at it. Also, what's wrong with naked good-looking women? When your wife/gf/whatever puts off her closes, you don't look? I don't think so Hezekiah. Please think next time you post something.

Appart from that, as the author, most stuff isn't linux/unix/*bsd/kde-related. - Apr 18 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by nacht 2 comments

This is a great wallpaper, I really love it!
May I ask, which apps do you artists use to make such a nice images? The Gimp? - Apr 18 2002
Yes you're right, artwiz ( made the mountains, which is sort of the IceWMlogo. I have no idea who put it together, maybe artwiz too... - Feb 06 2002