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Luí­s Fernando Araújo São Paulo, Brazil
Vertex - Theme

GTK3 Themes by horst3180 160 comments

Your theme is awesome, could you add supporto for ElementaryOS. there are two problems on the OS: (i) strange transparency on the indicators; (ii) the notifications are not readable, pitch black. - Oct 18 2015
I`ve looked into your last release, you did such a great job man! Keep mantaining. - Aug 21 2010
Yhank you. - Aug 18 2010
Hello tbbozer,

I hope you don`t mind if i try to help you out finding some errors on the theme. Since i know nothing about gtk and i found someone interested... I will keep suggesting you some things.
Firstly, i would like to show you the desktop i used mixing GT-Brushed (metacity) with T-ish pack (for the gtk). Look at this link this was a quite nice combination, but there were some mistakes and it was terribly slow. Equinox is, obviously, a lot faster.
Well, let's look into yours: nautilus seems fine, but no metal brushed (, the gnome-panel exibits some problems too. Openoffice also shows some small errors, and almost no metal brushed ( For last, the rhythmbox window ( shows brushed metal texture on most of the page.
I just want to help a bit here, and dont get me wrong. But it feels really nice in the first image i posted, with the hole window and gnome-panel with a texture. This kind of theme gives less distraction from the work, it is clear but not too bright, so dont make you tired of looking at the monitor.
Your theme just have great buttons and bars on graphite, but it would be nice to have brushed metal all over the window.

Regards, - Aug 16 2010
Thats what we call fast developer. Dude, great theme, especially the brushed metal one. Keep working and mantaining it, i just removed all the previous brushed versions of other themes i've had installed. By the way, do you think of creating a elemetary/global-menu version as well? - Aug 16 2010
Nice theme, but it would be nice to have a brushed version and w/o the glassy bars... - Aug 15 2010
Tux style

Wallpaper Other by alltiptop 3 comments

thanks - Jul 25 2010
Tux style

Wallpaper Other by alltiptop 3 comments

Do you have the version w/o the penguin??? - Jul 24 2010
Rounded Conky Script

Conky by luisnando 8 comments

Follow the small instructions... - Jul 11 2010
Rounded Conky Script

Conky by luisnando 8 comments

I added the files missing, for the fonts, just edit the conkyrc for a font you have.
I`m using Droid Sans.

Regards - Jul 11 2010
Meliae SVG (dark and light panels)

Full Icon Themes by sora 45 comments

It would be nice to have a PPA for this icon theme... someone could provide it? - Jun 28 2010

Conky by helmuthdu 930 comments

I use your script on a msi wind netbook, and the font seems too big for the desktop. So, how can i resize the fonts? - Jun 29 2009
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Aug 16 2010