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Luke Hollins Toronto, Canada
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by lwh
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May 09 2010
You need a full KDE development environment and other stuff installed to build it. There is a list in README in the top folder. If your OS can use .deb files there is one on Launchpad: . If you want a package for your OS send a bug report on Launchpad that is the best way to get one created. - May 15 2010
I used Clementine for a while, it was missing too many things I use in Amarok to be useful to me.
- May 10 2010
I got tired of searching for patches and build changes every time I had a major OS upgrade. So I decided I would try to aggregate them and maintain a working version as long as I can. Hopefully port it over to KDE4/5/6 etc as I can't find any player I like as much as Amarok 1 . The only benefit I know of for this version is it won't conflict with Amarok 1 installations due to the renaming. - May 09 2010

by amarok

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Jan 05 2010