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Jesse Madsen Ogden, United States of America
download links are still broken and I cannot figure out how to install the panels. - May 30 2009

GnoMenu Skins by zniavre 8 comments

Can you include a readme file telling us how to install? - May 21 2009
Could you possible tell me what I have to change or comment out to get it to only see one CPU?

I get the following error:

Conky: attempting to use more CPUs than you have!
obj->data.cpu_index 2 info.cpu_count 1
- May 21 2009
BlueSpace II

GTK2 Themes by slawomir 41 comments

I am not getting the themes to load the images for the window borders and the image for the top panel. I looked at lines 99 and 106 but they fall in the middle of code lines but are close to references of "engine" parameters. Should I comment (#) everything out that has to do with engines?

I also get the error message when installing from preferences-->appearance.
"This theme will not look as intended because the required windows manager theme 'default' is not installed.

Also when I look at "customize" it seems the icons did not load properly either. (Big old question mark across icons folder)

I would really like to see this theme work and any input would greatly help but so far the lack of documentation on this site seriously is lacking and even from authors. - May 20 2009
Mac OSX Leopard Cairo-Dock theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by lagooned 11 comments

I am beginning to hate this site. Not one developer can give proper documentation how to install their themes. There is not one method described on the site for help and every developer packages differently.

I cannot find path ~/.cairo-dock/themes to save my soul. How in the heck am I supposed to install it? - May 19 2009

GTK2 Themes by gabrielteratos 20 comments

Does not install on ubuntu 9.04 nor does the directions provide adequate info. - May 18 2009
Leopard look

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 44 comments

Link for download is dead - May 18 2009