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Dieter Rethmeyer
GX Mail Notify

Plasma 4 Extensions by Goffix 124 comments

thanks for this plasmoid; up to now it seems it is the only one which I can compile on a 64-bit system.
I run Arch linux 64-bit with ipop3d as local pop3 server. Each access from GX mail notify produces this error messasge in the mail log file /var/log/mail.log (it works nevertheless):

Sep 7 22:57:08 arch64 ipop3d[20872]: Unexpected client disconnect, while reading line user=xxxxx []

I use GX mail notify to check incoming mails retrieved by fetchmail daemon (to avoid doing this with my email client).
And yes, I used "korn" with KDE3, too. That email checker had been part of the old kdenetwork or kdepim package of KDE3, showing the number of new mails for configured accounts and playing a sound for new mails arriving - if you want. - Sep 07 2009