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Mirco Müller Aachen, Germany
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some display of cairo utilization

Gnome Screenshots 7 comments

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Jan 08 2007
ehm... and glitz-test too, that thing with the gradient-filled rectangle and the punched out text "Funky cairo!". - Jan 11 2007
Screenlets (special python-app from RYX)
and of course normal gtk+-apps - Jan 11 2007
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff 52 comments

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Oct 26 2006
I'm running it and like the new roundness-setting.

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MacSlow - Oct 25 2006

Cairo Clock 5 comments

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Apr 23 2007
That a very original idea you implemented for the second-"hand"! I've never thought about something like this yet. Two thumbs up from me!

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MacSlow - Oct 03 2006

Various Gnome Stuff 37 comments

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Oct 28 2006
It is. The main difference is that you'll put every part in a seperate layer instead of a seperate file. The parts are then identified by the layer-name.

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MacSlow - Sep 29 2006
Greetings turbojugend!

Nice theming-work! I'm glad people start picking up the fact that the look of the clock can be altered.

I hope you won't hate me once cairo-clock 0.4.0 is done. I've changed the themeing (simplified it, only one SVG-file for a whole theme).

Best regards...

MacSlow - Sep 28 2006
MacSlow\'s Cairo-Clock

Various Gnome Stuff 45 comments

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Apr 01 2006
When you started cairo-clock right-click on it and be surprised :)

There's also a man-page installed with it. So just do a:

man cairo-clock

and read a bit about it.

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MacSlow - May 30 2006
I don't run AIGLX myself, but heard from people who use AIGLX that it works. That's all I can say about it at the moment.

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MacSlow - Apr 12 2006
Ehm... not sure. Aside from double-checking that you are really running on X11 with enabled "Composite":

xdpyinfo | grep Composite

I would try to run xcompmgr with different parameters. I tend to call it like this:

xcompmgr -cCfF -r15 -o.75 -l-20 -t-17 -D6

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MacSlow - Apr 02 2006



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MacSlow - Mar 01 2006
Oh please people... do read the requirements on the project-page. You need Composite enabled in your xorg.conf and a running compositing-manager like xcompmgr or compiz. Folks running it under KDE/kwin also reported that kwin's compositing-manager works too.

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MacSlow - Feb 28 2006
Sure it does. No reason why it should not :) I also had my fair bit of play-time with the clock running under Xgl/compiz. Check out

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MacSlow - Feb 22 2006
Indeed that missing "click-through" is really annoying (for people that know what's going on) or just plain confusing (for people that don't know "how stuff works (tm)"). For 0.4 I'll have to get something sorted out for this glitch with the X11-Shape extension. Fixes for the newest librsvg, a command-line parsing bug , man-page installation and the wrong path in the desktop-menuitem will also come with that release.

But after the patch for the changed librsvg call it works under KDE (and its compositing manager) for you?

Best regards...

MacSlow - Feb 05 2006
Yeah, they changed that call from librsvg 2.13.90 to 2.13.91 *sigh* I also found out yesterday. Just when a few folks form the community helped with getting rpms and ebuilds done.

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MacSlow - Feb 05 2006
Almost... it's Composity.

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MacSlow - Feb 05 2006
Do you have the Composite-extension actually turned on? Like so:

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"

in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ? And do you also have xcompmgr actually running ?

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MacSlow - Feb 04 2006
Hm... off the top of my head I've no clue what might be wrong on your side. Maybe paste the output of:

pkg-config --modversion --cflags librsvg-2.0

Perhaps that might be helpful with this kind of remote error-hunt :)

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MacSlow - Jan 28 2006
Check that you have at least librsvg-2.13.0 and the corresponding header files installed (e.g. the preview-release "Dapper Drake flight 3" of Ubuntu has this, also "Fedora Core 5 test 2" should have this). I myself only tested this with librsvg 2.13.5, which comes with "Dapper Drake".

In general I want to apologize for setting the requirements-bar that high with all those "bleeding-edge" libs and tools only available in preview-releases of the coming distributions. But it is all too tempting not to play around with all this :)

BTW: Don't do everyday stuff on your machine as root-user!

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MacSlow - Jan 27 2006
Nah... it's not useless... it displays the time. That is some damn important function ;-)

Glad, you people like it... I appreciate the feedback!

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MacSlow - Jan 23 2006

Cairo Clock 17 comments

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Apr 01 2007
Greetings everybody!

You don't have to install it system-wide if you don't want to (or can't, if you're not root). Create a directory:


and just untar this themes tarball into it so you then have:

~/.cairo-clock/tango black

Then restart cairo-clock and select the new theme in the preferences-dialog reachable via the clocks popup-menu (RMB).

BTW, stylish variation of the tango-theme!

Best regards...

MacSlow - May 23 2006
Blender Color Glass Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

by moita
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Apr 17 2006
A nice rendering! The material you gave the ubuntu-logo makes it look like to be made out of winegum. I almost want to grab it off the screen and bite into it :)

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MacSlow - Apr 18 2006
Pauls Cairo-Clock theme pack

Cairo Clock 5 comments

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Jul 16 2007
I like the gnome and ubuntu themes. But the hands are a bit too tiny for my taste.

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MacSlow - Apr 09 2006
Gnome 2.14 beta

Gnome Screenshots 6 comments

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Mar 09 2006
It's a mix of "Trebuchet MS", "Verdana" and "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Roman".

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MacSlow - Mar 15 2006
1.) Regarding the "starter" see above.

2.) What from gdm do you see there in the screenshot?

3.) The clock is "MacSlow's cairo-clock". It's listed here on under "Others". The theme used for it is "tango" done by You can grab it from

Best regards...

MacSlow - Mar 09 2006
The dock-like thing at the bottom are the super early beginnings of my cairo-dock. Before you ask... no it's not released yet and it's not to be released anytime soon, because I really need to focus on "lowfat".

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MacSlow - Mar 09 2006

GDM Themes 14 comments

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Mar 05 2006
... stay open-minded! If dudes like well-built women on their wallpapers and post them here, why can't gals post background-art with studs they fancy?! Where is it written down that this is a men-centric place?! As long as stuff is kept non-pornographic people should let other people be no matter what.

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MacSlow - Mar 06 2006
Ubuntu 3D Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu 3 comments

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Feb 24 2006
I assume this was done with blender. Didn't know there was a greeble-plugin for it available. Or did you model all those cubes and rects manually?

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MacSlow - Feb 24 2006
T-ish-Brushed Pack

GTK2 Themes 95 comments

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Sep 28 2006
This is among the best OSX-like brushed themes I've seen for gtk+ so far. Very good job!

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MacSlow - Jan 23 2006