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Aki Ross

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Apr 14 2002
I'm sorry that you consider it pornographic, I do not. In fact, i consider it art in that it is not sexually explicit. There is no sexual act, it's only a breast. You are someone who probably considers national geographic pornographic and I'm embarrassed by you. Please do us all a favor and don't look. ALSO- many if not most of the wallpapers here are just that... wallpapers. They are not KDE specific wallpapers, they are only wallpapers, which is what i was doing.. Lastly, please don't tell me about your wet blanket after seeing this picture, it's disgusting.. - Apr 16 2002
i'm sorry you don't like it but just do everyone a favor and don't look. this isn't stolen, granted i didn't render either view but you won't find this background elsewhere. furthermore i didn't see you complaining when someone else posted the actual poster of aki ross which is 1) blatently stolen and 2) obviously not linux related. - Apr 15 2002